Less players = Less difficulty?

I’m noticing a really odd phenominon. Advanced levels that I’m getting crushed on with a 5-man team suddenly seemed beatable when playing with a smaller team.

There have been three occasions when my team started an advanced difficulty mission so badly that we lost almost all our team lives in the first few minutes and 3 players rage-quit the game. Then me and the remaining player went on to beat the level.

It’s really weird to say the least. Playing the game with 5 players is the most fun, yet it seems to make the mission more likely to fail. It’s really a perverse incentive to make the game less enjoyable.

More players = more enemies.

When more enemies = more annoying enemies such as ronins the game gets much harder quickly if some of said players aren’t pulling their weight. Something I see regularly in advanced story missions with players that haven’t even reached command rank 10.

The enemies also seem to scale in health (like in Borderlands) with more players as well, but I don’t know this for a fact…

In example:


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Being a red barring Australian also helps too, said powered up enemies seem to do at lot more damage than what you are seeing on screen and you feel like you’ve just been one shot :open_mouth:

Red latency bar probably just means they are hitting you multiple times before you realize it XD

i dont play campaign really, but lately have been trying a few advanced publics lately. havent even gotten really close at all in one with 5 people. just did one with two other friends and it was a cakewalk

You can really see this in Advanced Story mode with the Alpha Scaven.