Less slag on OP8?

Is there was some kind of stealth update? Because on OP8 enemies strongly refusing to not get slag. Even on characters with high elemental effect chance boost(Krieg,Maya,Gaige). I don’t know if it’s the same on other modes, but on OP8 sometimes you need to shoot even 4-5 times with Grog or Pimpernel to slag something.

While the Grog and Pimpernel have high slag chances, it’s usually just about the RNG. I personally haven’t had too many problems slagging enemies, but I wish you better luck in the future! Also, try slag grenades! (particularly transfusion)

Yes slag grenades are pretty good for slaging. I would use them if Fastball wouldn’t be my main/secondary weapon on some characters, so I have to rely on Grog or Pimpernel. But still it feels like RNG is much more stronger on OP8.

When in doubt, Slagga.

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Slagga is cool weapon. But when you are under heavy fire, then how many bullets you need to shoot with it to slag bunch of enemies and then finally kill them? While Grog gives you healing and Pimpernel got nice damage.

A bunch of enemies, you say? Shoot Slagga, throw Storm Front, win.

For those wondering, @bew_ knows very well what he’s talking about.
Haven’t loaded any OP8 chars the last few days, but I’ll try a run now.

It seems highly unlikely there would be a ninja fix of some sort, but with GBX you truly never know…

Let’s hope you had rotten RNG, even if that sounds a bit cold. The alternative would be rather worse.

Yeah for regular gameplay this works very good. But for Time Trials or other Bosses speed kills not always, unfortunately.

Well best way to check this I think, it will be to take Krieg on OP0 and OP8 with same gear, but scaled of course for each OP level and fight Terra. I killed him in 47s on OP0 with Krieg:

And then I tried to do the same on OP8. And of course this didn’t work, because he wasn’t slag all time even with “Fuel the Fire” active(which gives +400% elemental effect chance, if 10/5 skill points). While on OP0 he was slag all time when it was active. I know that on OP8, enemies damage reduction and max health is much higher. But now also additional resistance to not get slag? I just don’t remember having that much trouble to slag enemies on OP8, like few months ago.

Are you still on the same platform as a few months ago, or did you make the jump to the Handsome Collection? I dunno if this would have any effect, since they are in essence the same game, but there could be something weird in the coding that produces the difference across platforms.

I always thought with damage reduction came elemental effect chance reduction. I remember while friends were powerleveling me way back in the day I tried to be helpful and slag but I couldn’t slag anything very well.

@farsight37 I’m all the time playing on same platform - PC

@Derch Yeah I had same problems, when I been doing same thing. It’s just feels like now most used or best weapons/skills for slag don’t provide this effect that much.

That was like level 20 vs 61 enemies I was talking about, I don’t have issues slagging in op8 but yeah I think its a bit more reliant on op0

This is what makes a Catalyst COM so desirable. I can’t remember now where the cutoff is though, I’ve heard conflicting views about enemies becoming impossible to slag at 12, 14 or more levels above.