Less than 1fps when using phone tether (hotspot) [Not a hardware issue]

The wifi where I live is absolutely shocking, so for the past few months I’ve been using my phone as a tethering source. It works perfectly in every game, getting less than 100 ping on average in all multiplayer games (LOL, COD, etc.). However, in Borderlands 2 and Battleborn I get less than 1 fps, which is completely unrelated to the connection speed (or so one would think…) - it is impossible for me to even navigate the menu. One thing I tried was to use a VPN, which seemed to solve the issue, however it does slow down the network speed, as well as having a few other problems (expensive, keeps dropping out randomly etc.). I’m getting the exact same issue with Borderlands 2, which is also a gearbox game, however when I disconnect my phone from my pc I get 100+ fps. How can I fix this issue permanently? I can’t even play the bloody game, and I’m really itching for a refund as it is - I feel as if I should have waited 2 days for the upcoming Overwatch game instead.

TLDR: Using phone tethering, getting less than 1fps on Battleborn, using a VPN fixes it to 60fps+ but that is not an option. Solutions?

While I can’t speak specifically to your issue, there might be a few things that you can do to fix this problem.

Since connecting to a VPN seems to resolve the issue it would seem like the issue is a hardware compatibility or network connectivity issue when you tether your phone. Without being able to troubleshoot locally it is hard to identify the exact nature of the problem and I imagine without more details that Gearbox will be unable to recreate it to be able to create a fix for you.

The first thing I would try is updating your phone’s firmware and any related drivers on your computer. If that does not improve the situation I would then try using a different app to tether. You might also consider testing with a different phone all together to help narrow down the root of the problem.

If you are using a phone with a SIM card, you might consider purchasing a 4g modem like the Netgear Aircard. I am using one to play with an unlimited data AT&T Sim card and the game plays seamlessly.

Thanks for your ideas - the fact that you have a similar condition and yet it works for you gives me hope, however I am not the only one having this issue. Just type “borderlands 2 tether lag” and you’ll see that countless numbers of people are having this problem, and yet it was an issue gearbox simply neglected to fix. I can try using a different phone, but the problem is I’m the only one with an android phone in the house, and iPhones don’t support tethering via usb.

Also, I don’t think that I should buy something so that I can actually play the game - I’ve already spent £20 odd on it, and I’m not willing to spend dozens more on this. If using a VPN fixes the issue, wouldn’t you think it’s a software issue then? Apparently ‘bridging’ the tether network with your unused LAN fixes the problem too, but when I do that I simply lose connection altogether - perhaps if I figured that out, it could (temporarily) fix the problem?