Lessen or Remove Memory Leak BL1 Enhanced I Edited Settings PC

Here’s the file of the edited settings. Just paste this on where your settings is https://mega.nz/#!YElmAKwB!Zx1sKdy1BOq9IcVnzUCYJQq72ItB_h_ipE6IlS2fUwk . Do not forget to backup your original settings if this dosen’t work.

Edit: Game does not need patch anymore for PC with this fix. I removed

LD=Streaming fudge factor
LD=Terrain Foliage Time
LD=Foliage Render Time
LD=Terrain Smooth Time
LD=Terrain Render Time
LD=Decal Render Time
LD=Terrain Triangles
LD=Foliage Instances
LD=Decal Triangles
LD=Decal Draw Calls
LD=Static Mesh Tris
LD=Skel Mesh Tris
LD=Skel Verts CPU Skin
LD=Skel Verts GPU Skin
LD=30+ FPS
LD=Total CPU rendering time
LD=Total GPU rendering time
LD=Occluded primitives
LD=Projected shadows
LD=Visible static mesh elements
LD=Visible dynamic primitives
LD=Texture Pool Size
LD=Physical Memory Used
LD=Virtual Memory Used
LD=Audio Memory Used
LD=Texture Memory Used
LD=360 Texture Memory Used
LD=Animation Memory
LD=Vertex Lighting Memory
LD=StaticMesh Vertex Memory
LD=StaticMesh Index Memory
LD=SkeletalMesh Vertex Memory
LD=SkeletalMesh Index Memory
LD=Decal Vertex Memory
LD=Decal Index Memory
LD=Decal Interaction Memory
MEMLEAN=Virtual Memory Used
MEMLEAN=Audio Memory Used
MEMLEAN=Animation Memory
MEMLEAN=Vertex Lighting Memory
MEMLEAN=StaticMesh Vertex Memory
MEMLEAN=StaticMesh Index Memory
MEMLEAN=SkeletalMesh Vertex Memory
MEMLEAN=SkeletalMesh Index Memory
MEMLEAN=Decal Vertex Memory
MEMLEAN=Decal Index Memory
MEMLEAN=Decal Interaction Memory
MEMLEAN=VertexShader Memory
MEMLEAN=PixelShader Memory
GameThread=Async Loading Time
GameThread=Audio Update Time
GameThread=HUD Time
GameThread=Input Time
GameThread=Kismet Time
GameThread=Move Actor Time
GameThread=RHI Game Tick
GameThread=Script time
GameThread=Tick Time
GameThread=Update Components Time
GameThread=World Tick Time
GameThread=Async Work Wait

Does this prevent the enhanced edition from lag after certain amount of time?