Let´s talk about Hotfixes (Not what you think)

Hey fellas,
the game is out for almost a month now.
And we had seen a lot of redicoulus things by now.
I am concerned about the future of Borderlands cause im a huge fan of the series so i wannt to make our voices heard.
Borderlands 3 is a good game and it draws a lot of attention but does it keep up with the hype at its state right now?
There is a lot of things needed to be fixed to call the game a whole thing in my opinion.
I cant understand why we have hotfixes no sane person would ask for instead of actual problem solving.
I kinda understand that some things where not intended the way they are and its fine to work on that stuff while really fixing the performance issues and working on new content. I see there is a lot of work to be done.

Here is the problem. There is a lot of players quiting Borderlands 3 right now cause of silly hot fixes and the feel of the game in its state right now. I guess Gearbox cant see that cause there is a huge crowd of people getting into the game right now and its no wonder with that promotion the game had.
But its also really important to keep us intressted in the game. Give us what we desire.
Things like vertical split screen, making exploration meaningfull, a Story with value and many more.