Let’s talk about Moxxi

So I’ve read a lot of opinions on character arcs of Ava, Lilith, Tannis, Rhys and such but I haven’t seen anyone touch on Moxxi.

And with the new DLC coming out - what better time than now! I’ll avoid spoiling anything about the DLC though.

But Moxxi wants this casino to fuel more of her monopoly business. Just like she took over Torgues little fight arena - not really out of the interest of those involved (as those people on the casino have been trapped there for a very long time no doubt) but out of interest of her pocket.

I’ve always found Moxxi interesting in that no one ever calls out how cruel she is. She has kinder moments - as we even see in the dlc I suppose - but in general she only cares about herself.

The Pre Sequel to me is a good example of this. It was heavily stated that she and Jack dated (not married. They said ex girlfriend and ex boyfriend numerous times but that’s a different gripe altogether). But her reason for leaving him was because he was dangerous? And yet you look at her past relationships - marrying Marcus who I’m sure has killed many under the excuse of ‘business’. And yes there’s the argument of ‘she saw he was going to do evil things’ but when they dated, he was just a low level Hyperion programmer. Not the maniacal corporation tyrant he eventually became. So he killed a couple of people who looked at her - that doesn’t so much scream ‘he’s a bad guy’ as it does that he’s protective. And let’s face it, I really don’t think Moxxi would ever be in a steady relationship as it would ruin her business.

So it’s always been my impression that when she found out Jack wanted to eliminate bandits and bring order on Pandora - make it more civilised - she didn’t want that to happen. That would be bad for her brand and business because she thrives off desperate and murderous bandits/vault hunters.

So we know there’s a war coming in the future. But I’m curious as to what side Moxxi will be on. Because really, if the war will involve everyone - if it’s as big as they say it is - what happens if the corporations decide ‘we need to unite to stop this great war’. What would she do if there’s the potential for peace in the future? There will have to be an ending to the series eventually after all.

Mad Moxxi thrives off the lawless and manipulated/buys mercenaries to do the dirty work for her to ensure she stays on top. Getting back the casino, killing Killavolt who was just doing what she has done countless times, creating a wedding massacre…

Not going to lie, it would be kind of cool to see Moxxi turn baddie - though I doubt they’ll ever do that - But out of all the characters in the franchise, she has as much capability to. Thriving off chaos, manipulating others to do her dirty work and is clearly intelligent enough to outwit others.

Also - quick reminder - please don’t get angry about these thoughts! This is just me wanting to get an idea of everyone else’s opinion of Moxxi and what her role is going to be in the mentioned war - if it ever comes!


Can’t be a push over raising kids on Pandora haha. Get $ show your kids how to be ruthless and successful is my guess on that one.


That’s true though at least if peace ever did become a thing, Ellie would still have a career. I can’t help but think that both Moxxi and Marcus would lose a lot of business…though Marcus could start up his own manufacture of gun but Moxxi? Her entire business module is praying on the desperate.

interesting thoughts I cannot say I agree with what your saying at face value. The idea of her becoming a villian is kinda interesting I must say. I just don’t put a lot of weight in your thought process regarding what happens with the war that is coming… there will always be a need for guns for Marcus, Moxxxi now has a casino/pleasure palace plus all her bars, sounds like they would be set up for raking in the cash… and really even after any war that would come and the inevitable peace that follows there will always be someone who wants what others have at any cost, basically the premise of most of the lore in this universe. Rinse and repeat, never any real peace to mention. Just another bad guy to step up to the plate and see how long they can keep the throne…lol

Yeah. Obviously everyone in Borderlands is a killer and there are a lot of grey areas, but the rough line I’ve always drawn between the good guys and the bad guys is whether or not their acts of violence are necessary for their survival. Moxxi (and Torgue) find violence entertaining or at least profitable.

I get the feeling that the idea of what Moxxi was supposed to be changed after her original appearance in the Underdome, but even then she still ran the Circles of Slaughter in BL2.

I agree that her morality is definitely more questionable than people like to talk about.

I’ve heard a lot of stories of people who have gotten into relationships and then realized that something was…off. Marcus is at least honest about what he does, and he’s sort of a necessary evil in this universe. Jack is more of the dangerous liar and charmer who turns out to be a serious problem for everyone who encounters him.

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When I say become a bad guy, I don’t mean ‘mwahaha I will take over’. Though really that’s what she’s already doing. She’s not stopping the casino because it’s immorally trapping people and raining their cash. She just wants it so the money can go to her pocket instead.

If people took a step back and look at what Moxxi has done and still does, for me at least I find it hard to say she’s one of the ‘good’ guys. She didn’t want to stop Jack because he was opening a vault - it was mostly because he was trying to take business from her and because he killed Roland. She quite happily has people killing one another for her affections and manipulates vault hunters time and time again to murder for her.

Not saying there are morally good people in the Borderlands but Moxxi is pretty high up there in being a bad person. If there was ever a chance of peace in the future, I don’t think she’d want a part in it. In fact she might want to hinder that because it would interfere with her business and source of money.

She is incredibly dangerous if you’re getting in her way.


Oh yeah that’s certainly true. But her reasoning for no longer dating Jack is just a bit weird. And it was stressed that they weren’t married in all previous instalments - ex boyfriend and ex girlfriend. But he was a lowly worker in Hyperion when they were dating and they apparently hadn’t dated for long. I could imagine he told her his plans or aspirations to bring order and civility to Pandora and that ruined the relationship to her - because she couldn’t keep doing what she enjoyed. But leaving him because he was too dangerous? Maybe the Jack we see in 2 but the one she dated when he was just some programmer who had no influence on anything yet.

Did I miss something where they’re saying they were married now?

Yep. Randy Pitchford said that they were in an interview on the Borderlands Show regarding the DLC. And I’ve heard it repeated a few times.

It’s a small detail I guess but for that raised a lot of questions. Did she know about Angel? Why did she always say ex boyfriend before? Etc.

I think personally they just forget their own lore sonetimes.

Eh, if it ain’t in the game then I don’t count it. He may have just misspoken in the interview.

I mean there’s a fair number of things not in the game that gets confirmed outside of it. They’ve never corrected themselves about it either so they probably just changed it to ex maritals.

I think you’re overthinking a passing comment. There’s nothing about them being married in the DLC itself so it’s all straight in my book.

Just look it up. It says they were married at one point.

Trust me, I really don’t like to either - I think it’s an unnecessary change that puts kinks here and there but it’s definitely canon that they were married at one point. I think it was the third episode of the borderlands show they spoke about it?

Are we just ignoring the fact of how incredibly gorgeous Moxxi is?? I seriously would propose to her instantly in real life. Hottest chick ever.

I don’t think only anyone is denying that she is an attractive character. But if anything, that just aides her deception. A tool she has to manipulate others into doing what she wants.

Hi just wanna point out as someone who finished the DLC, they only refer to Moxxi and Jack as having dated in the past, not married. Though the married comment was said outside the game, it was most likely just a forgetful slip. The game itself does not refer to them as ever married.

Now, as for what the original post was about, it would certainly be interesting to have Moxxi as an antagonist. I doubt it will ever come into fruition, for the simple fact we the vault hunters also always get something out of her success.

One of the reasons I love Borderlands is it’s an interesting twist on morality. So yes, she does do things for the sake of money in her pocket, but her independence is more or less what keeps her with the “good guys” instead of the “bad guys.” Whether or not she’ll be an antagonist really just depends on how far she wants to go, I suppose.


I played through the DLC and one thing that bugged me was this. Spoiler for people so look out.

Timothy met Moxxi for the first time in The Pre Sequel. But in the DLC he went on a date with her on behalf of Jack? I really doubt Jack and Moxxi dated after the events of Pre Sequel…

So yeah I can’t help but feel what happened in the pre equal was just completely forgotten about. But she has shown her scheming side in that game so it’s perfectly doable.

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Pretty sure they explained that.

Timothy did go on a date with Moxxi after TPS because, if I remember right, Jack wanted to know what she was up to. They had already broken up, this was meant to be more like a “catch up” date, so to speak. He sent Tim because he couldn’t be bothered and figured Moxxi wouldn’t be able to tell; the whole point was Moxxi said yes because she knew it wasn’t Jack.

I agree parts of TPS should have come up more in BL3, but I’m of the opinion they actually got this part right.


I’m sorry but that’s a really crappy explanation. After what happened in the Pre Sequel - particularly Moxxis betrayal - it just feels so unlikely that 1) Moxxi agrees or that 2) Jack would even want to get any sort of involved with Moxxi again. Even if it was just to find it what she was up to.

She betrayed you, tried to murder you but hey ho - let’s see if she’ll just confess he plans lately even though she tried to kill us. And destroy everything we’ve worked for.

The writing of BL3 make sure me shake my head more and more…

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Not gonna argue on Jack. Not because I necessarily agree or disagree, but just because I don’t think that’s worth arguing or even getting upset about.

What I don’t get is why Moxxi agreeing to go out seems wrong? Again, she knew it was Timothy, and she knew what Jack’s plan was, so she obviously knew not to give away anything. I doubt she’d forget Tim’s little crush, so why not humor the kid? And, as she said, free food.

These characters don’t think like regular people, and trying to apply logic or rational thought to every little thing ruins the entire universe, all the way back to BL1.