Let the Polling Begin!

Hello again lads! It’s quite some time since my last post! Hope everyone is having lovely holidays! The new hot fix drops tomorrow! As you all have observed the current state of the game you might have noticed there are a few struggles to hold back laughter bugs… I won’t list them theres a whole post about it. I just wanted to take a pole to gauge people’s faith in gearbox. I’m figuratively sitting on pins and needles waiting to see what GB has been up to. My vote for this pole is that they took a much needed holiday and will hotfix maybe 1 or 2 bugs, 2 or 3 of the helpful glitches, and maybe fix the guardian perks and a slight bump in dedicated drops. I really hope for more but I doubt it. But that’s just my prediction. What’s yours?! Will tomorrows hotfix be an epic cleansing of all that is wrong with BL3 or will it just add fuel to the proverbial dumpster fire?!

GBX did better than expected buffing Iron Bear and he is now a beast as he should be … but even that has some bugs with desperate Measures not applying to right arm etc.

Aside from that one bright spot… I cant have much faith in a company that somehow managed to miss something as massive as all guardian ranks being turned of for all ps4 users . This implies zero testing and that none of the devs actually play their own game


In this day and age companies like Gearbox should just generally not be trusted unless proven otherwise. They are often not open with their customers and hide behind deflecting answers and not telling full truths.

I for one like the Borderlands Franchise and the concept of Duke Nukem but that is all, they are not nearly as vast or great as the games could be in this day and age and for that I respect them less. That is probably more due to the problem with companies in general, money and people of power requiring quick results and a quick buck rather than quality.

Gearbox can release as many patches and hotfixes as they like but it won’t make the game any better than it is, they will not change the game for better. They will just release the predetermined DLC, fix some of the bugs then move on to the next project.


Well all I can think of is…We can start playing BL3 again in one more day.
I honestly could not take one more day of Skulls hitting me in the face.


I do agree to an extent. They are trying to balance a seesaw by dropping boulders on it.

However on the flip side they could have been like Hello games, release a game, go dormant for a year and start releasing what should have been the year prior. Don’t get me wrong, Hello games No Mans Sky is a great game now. It is fantastic and bravo for the developer to not just drop it, but make it the vision it originally was.

The communication is one thing I do applaud Gearbox for. They can’t be forward about everything because they do sometimes have to watch what they say or how they say it. You can blame the political correctness economy for that and that factor shows more in BL3 than any prior.

At least we are getting results and almost weekly progress and they have started acknowledging most issues. We won’t be able to sadly see the full picture until next year. All this was a blessing in disguise for the Steam release. Players there would have bombed it hard, that’s the culture of Steam.

I am just glad they didn’t just ditch us, which some companies nowadays ignore their fan base. Not everyone’s concerns will be answered with this game, but at least actively, they are trying.

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I have faith that the devs who actually work on the game genuinely care about making it as good as possible and are working very hard to accomplish that.

I have absolutely zero faith in the management at Gearbox/2K giving the devs the time and resources they need, as opposed to rushing things out the door half-broken to meet unrealistic deadlines.


First this game is far from a dumpster fire. Second the balance team are working hard to make this game as good as it can be no matter how frustrated I may get I know this is true it just takes time. Third don’t lump the people working on this game with the executives,boss etc. who just probably just wanted to get it out as soon as possible and are working on the next thing while this isn’t up to par yet.


We’re getting a hotfix tomorrow?

I thought the devs took like two weeks off for thanksgiving, then another few weeks for Christmas / New Years, so the next time we get an update would be sometime in January maybe?

I’m guessing, I obviously don’t know for sure, and not salty they took time off, everyone deserves time off for holidays.

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I frankly start to lose interest alltogether and have found different games in the last 3 weeks to keep me entertained. I return to the forums from time to time in order to gauge changes but apart from that my motivation to log back in is kinda low

You are thinking of Path of Exile’s dev team when a problem hits on the release of a new league season this time of year.

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Fingers crossed for some good news tomorrow then, thanks for the clarification amigo.

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