Lets all start listing what needs to be fixed,how it could be fixed,why it might need fixing,creative ideas that they could use to make the game better

First: If the game ran smooth on ps4 there would not be any U.I. problems, if there was still any i think they would be minor.
Second: A send to bank button, and maybe work on that lost and found bc i find it does give me my lost items i guess, but when your items fall off the map and the lost and found is full you do not know if those items went in there or really if anything went in there at all.(i assume it is sorting them by item score)

And if some awesome people would keep helping on this post maybe just maybe we can get things fixed and or seen by gearbox, and get them to work on the game instead of buff nerf repeat. We need and want content more and better than any other game

I posted this in another post but I’ll reply with that post here as well:

I got the game (super deluxe edition!) to play co-op with my wife, after finally convincing her to try it with me.

I have been waiting for months hoping these issues would be fixed, and nothing yet, so decided to submit this feedback. I’d be curious to know if there any plans to fix any of these issues:

  • only one of the two splitscreen views gets all the in game prompts, missions info, etc. For example, enter a new area? Only the top screen gets the text letting you know.
  • Mission quest log under the mini map? Only the top screen gets it
  • Boss fight health bar? Only the top screen gets it. Makes for a very frustrating co-op experience
  • In game UI: it’s so small, my wife and I both get headaches within an hour of playing. Very hard to read mission logs, in game prompts to press a button are very hard to see, trying to revive each other is difficult due to the button prompt being so small and having to get it just right…we’ve both died many times simply because we couldn’t active the revive.
  • The level bar is also incredibly small and hard to see, and only stays on screen for a split second. It was perfect in BL2.
  • Performance: my wife and I have gotten used to asking each other if it’s all good to go ahead and open the in game menu, because when you do, it causes the entire game to freeze up for the other player. Same with vending machines.

I’d love to know if any of these issues are on Gearbox’s radar

Eh, the misconception is that Gearbox doesn’t already have a list. We as the consumer can only see the issues from one end… Unless someome here at the forum can explain what code is apparent within the U.I and which aspects of it need addressing and how that would be achieved… there is no way the player can state how much time it would take to achieve a seamless responsive UI or what other lines of code are integral.

Gearbox know what they need to do, they work on the game, play the game every working day and have done so since release. It would be prudent to assume there are many more problems/issues with the game engine that the consumer isn’t aware of, only GB know how much work is needed.