Lets be honest. Beatrix is gonna be overpowered when she releases

I won’t make this claim without providing some analysis.

  1. On a smaller scale, she’ll have the second highest base health of any Sniper character.
  • Marquis: 896 HP + 300 Shields
  • Thorn: 1130 HP
  • Toby: 1330 HP + 300 Shields
  • Beatrix: 1310HP + 300 Shields

Considering she’s supposed to be a ranged character, that’s pretty kinda significant. I referred to this one as a smaller issue because it requires getting a hands on feel for her, as she’s supposed to be pretty slow; based off of comments made during the Beatrix Stream.

  1. Her Infection passive (3 seconds of Wound unscoped, 5 seconds Unscoped) is likely going to shut down healers (specifically Miko and Alani) significantly. While Wound in and of itself isn’t an issue, it’s the lengthy duration of Infection, and the ability to proc it with every shot, that makes it so overpowered. This will also impact the performance of tank characters with large hitboxes (like Kelvin or Montana), as they’ll essentially be at the mercy of her Infection wounds every time they step out into the field. This issue is compounded by the fact that she gets an augment later on in her helix that gives her an additional 6 shots to her syringe.

There are other characters who do indeed have Wound, but there are some differentiation’s that need to be made:

  • Characters that are able to apply the Wound at range either have a small duration on their Wound, have the Wound effect tied to a skill that will undergo a cooldown (ex. Whiskey Foxtrot and Galilea), need to be of a certain level before they get access to such a status effect, or a combination of the ones mentioned (ex. ISIC’s Level 5 mutation wounds for only 1.5 sec). Beatrix essentially gets a long lasting Wound effect for free on her base attack.

  • Melee characters that have access to Wound need to be in close in order to apply it, opening themselves up to attack (ex. Caldarius’ Energy Blade melee or Deande’s Uppercut). They also fall under the previous scenarios for ranged characters with wounds (ex. Attikus has wound on Hedronic Charge, which has a cooldown).

Personally, I feel the maximum duration for Wound should be 2 seconds; unless it’s on a character ultimate.

  1. She gains access to a 3 second Silence status effect at Level 1 (Sedation augment). I find it absurd that she gets a Silence on a Ranged skill (Fulmination) that homes onto targets and can likely be shot at multiple players; given how many projectiles are fired. I don’t think I need to tell people how powerful that is. This is on top of the fact that the skill weakens enemies, and she gets an augment that reduces the skills cooldown by 25% (Long-Lasting). I know some will point to Rath, Galilea, Pheobe, and Attikus, so here are the differences:
  • Attikus - Requires him to be up close to the target when the Pounce lands, and the silence only lasts for 1 second. He’s also giving up his only escape ability.

  • Rath - He only gains access to Silence at Level 4. It’s range, while sizable, is also limited and only goes in a straight line.

  • Galilea - Requires that you’ve unlocked the mutation, as well as reach LvL 4. (Personally, I question if she should even have Silence on her kit considering how large an AoE Desecrate is - and can be).

  • Phoebe - Requires that you be in close to your target, opening you up to be focused by the enemy team, minions, or Sentry.

  1. The Patient Zero skill offers too significant an increase to player abilities; both innately and in terms of augments. To clarify, it’s the magnitude of the buffs it gives that I find to be of issue than the actual buffs themselves. A flat 25% increase to Attack Speed seems fairly overboard for a duration of 5 seconds. But add to that the ability to give the affected ally 40% life steal on attack (Lvl 2 Leech Therapy Augment), and the ability to increase the duration of the skill by 3 seconds (LvL 8 Lingering Side Effects Augment), you’ve essentially given carte blanche for melee characters (especially Galilea or Phoebe) and high burst damage dealers (Benedict or Ernest) free rain to f— up anyones day. You can also compound this with her LvL 5 Immunosuppression Augment (Infected targets take 15% more melee damage for 3 seconds) to really push melee characters over the top. And as before with Fulmination, you have access to decrease the skills cooldown by 25% (Fast-Acting); even more with cooldown gear.

  2. The 3 second stun on her Lvl 10 Toxic Hypoxia augment could (and probably will) be game-breaking. The augment allows for the target killed while under her Outbreak ultimate to stun enemies within the AoE range for 3 seconds. I find the stun duration to be far too excessive, considering the effect can also be triggered off a minion kill. There are some mitigating buffers here:

  • A) It’s not guaranteed Beatrix will reach LvL 10 before the match is over (though I’m sure some will power level her)
  • B) Minions grow stronger as the difficulty increases, giving a slight health buffer before they die. They also follow strict lanes, so you could ensure that you’re not in their path.
  • C) Players affected with Outbreak can avoid teammates and vice-versa.
  • D) The ability probably has one the longest cooldown in the game (70 seconds).

Still, I think such an augment is ripe for abuse, and will likely lead to outright demolishings against certain teams.

From an aesthetic and gameplay point a view, I find her character to be really cool. But I think the issue with Beatrix that I see right now is the sheer magnitude of her debuffs/buffs, and how they can potentially lead to complete shutdown of enemy teams; likely within the first few minutes of the match given her perma Wound ability. I do want to get her out there in the field, as well as square off against her to get a better feel. Any smart player who’s able to see what she has to offer will probably realize that they need to CC and focus her down as quickly as possible.


*896 HP

Incorrect about the single target part.

Only the original target. And from the stream the Ult looks pretty easy to miss, and still goes on the 70 sec cooldown it has.


Well ranged characters have always had the advantage and melee characters get bullied. So… I say wait and see till she is actually playable.


I don’t think she will be too bad, but as for me that level 10 helix should only be battleborn, like seriously, if the AOE IS not insane ILL be fine with it, as there are things to escape it.

The wound as I see (what’s her rate of fire) should be 1.5 if no scope, and 3.5 if scoped

Her silence, now how fast are the projectiles and how many again, because it could be instead the silence stacks (and hits a maximum of ONLY 3 seconds)

The attack speed I say be changed to 10 15 percent, while lifesteal be 25 percen, and have lingering side effects MAYBE while offering more time, have the other helix things lessens once you hit a threshold, hence the name

Otherwise if those changes were to happen, Her other helix choices are actually pretty damn good

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I was actually looking at the number and had a feeling something was wrong; I barely play Marquis anymore so I’ve forgotten. I pulled that number from @lowlines website. I counter checked the other Health values I listed, and they look correct. So I think he should probably correct for that.

Thanks for the correction. I know about it only applying to the original target. Probably should have typed that better.

Problem with that change is that you basically make the augment meaningless in PvE. That’s why I recommended the duration reduction.

Didn’t see the reduction thing you added, how were my other suggestions, because I honestly don’t know how fast and many projectiles she shoots for that one homing ability, I feel like they could always have the augment work on minions just for pve play

I could be wrong, but didn’t they say characters loaded up in the Training Dojo start at level 5? That would mean that 1270HP for Beatrix is actually how much HP she will have at level 5 not at level 1. That would put her base health about the same as Deande, Benedict or El Dragon.


I definitely feel she should get a reduction to her Infection wound duration. Personally, I feel the wound effect should only proc when you are taking scoped shots. Her RoF is around Marquis pistol range. Fulmination looks like it sends around 8 projectiles, but the projectiles themselves look to travel about the same speed as Orendi’s projectiles. Your aiming also isn’t restricted when firing Fulmination, so you can sweep an area. It’s important to remember that they home in as well. I could also definitely see those buff values being decreased. If the changes are ever too strong, then I don’t see it being too much of an issue. I’d rather have a slightly underpowered character than an overpowered one who completely changes the meta for the absolute worst.

I’m looking at the stream again, and when they made it to the section with Incursion gameplay, at level 1 she had 1250 HP (so I’m 20 off).

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Not that I have an opinion or even a thought process for either way, but what meta do you currently think Beatrix will bring about and why would it be the “absolute worst”?

Just had a quick look at the Dojo section of the stream:

  • Level 5 - 1570 HP
  • Level 6 - 1635 HP
  • Level 7 - 1700 HP
  • Level 8 - 1765 HP
  • Level 9 - 1830 HP
  • Level 10 - 1895 HP

So 65 HP per level, meaning her lower levels would be…

  • Level 0 (Command Menu) - 1245 HP
  • Level 1 - 1310 HP
  • Level 2 - 1375 HP
  • Level 3 - 1440 HP
  • Level 4 - 1505 HP


Hmm and looking at the later Incursion footage there’s obviously some discrepancy on this, perhaps something for our balancing expert to confirm? What was his handle again?


Actually I know what it is, the 1250 HP was while she didn’t have full health! 1310 HP is the correct amount she should have at Level 1.

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@gRANT_ I’m sure he doesn’t like me. You can tag him yourself.


@MentalMars stop spreading misinformation!!

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Thank you. So it’s even more than I suspected.

I just took 2 screenshots and uploaded them.

If the images are small enough, they will fit on a single line.


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Based on what I saw on the stream, her primary fire was relatively weak, and slow. From what I saw, Miko’s daggers with their dot out damage them.

I think she’ll be the perfect counter to a pocket miko, or an annoying alani. Assuming kleese’s shields aren’t affected by wound, Reyna and Kleese will be the best counter pick to her.

Her low health makes Reyna’s damage amp deadly, and her overshields won’t be affected by the wound.

I don’t think I need to make a case for how Kleese counters her. Kleese counters everyone except Whiskey Foxtrot, Toby, Thorn and Marquis.

I’m not concerned about her primary attack damage. It’s the constant wound at range and wound duration that I take issue with.

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The wound won’t be an issue unless Miko is your only way of staying alive. Beatrix is just going to teach people to spread themselves out a bit, and to learn to take care of themselves a bit.

I don’t remember exactly but I’m pretty sure her primary attack’s wound is a 2 second duration which refreshes with consecutive attacks. Her homing attack has a 3 sec duration, and I believe her ult has it at 6 seconds, and is hard to land properly.

She requires decent aim, and tactical awareness. Not so OP, I don’t think.


Normal shots are 3 seconds. Scoped shots are 5 seconds. The Silence duration is indeed three seconds. The wound on her ultimate is 8 seconds.

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