Lets be honest. Beatrix is gonna be overpowered when she releases

Hmm, I’ll look at her stats again when she’s released, but to be honest, I don’t really think it’ll be a big deal. The wound may be annoying, but the reason Alani was OP on release was because she had CRAZY CC and CRAZY damage. Now her CC is still nuts, but her damage is fine.

Utility is only OP when one move can do 4 things at once, ie, Galilea. If she’s a wound and dot champ, as long as her base damage is low, SHE won’t be OP. She will just make her team have the advantage in a fight.

She’s supposedly slow, and is large, ranged characters should take her out with ease, and a Pendles would more or less shut her down if he’s smart.

Oh yes he will mate, oh yes he will


I will stick to my life policy. I expect it to go wrong but it’ll turn out okay and the bad won’t be that bad

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Call me crazy, but she seems like a character that will punish some of these meta stomp teams since they group up so close to each other. And i don’t believe that’s a bad thing at all


She also encourages such teams as well, because some of her abilities essentially give groups carte blanche to just focus down a target that’s been Wounded or has Outbreak on them.

I’m not sure how that’s too different from a team that gangs up on someone who has been stunned, slowed, pulled, etc. Almost any team comp is capable of banding together and focusing down a single target.

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That goes without saying. In fact, me and a group of friends fully intend to focus Beatrix when she’s in play. My main concern with Beatrix are the potential consequences of having access to a constant ranged attack with innate Wound; that has a fairly sizable duration. This in addition to some pretty powerful augments.

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It’s not, the problem is that it introduces another way for a territory your team is trying to control to suddenly become unsafe.

If you are wounded you move away from high damage sources and return once the wound is gone. This process repeats, with you trying to avoid being wounded in the future so you can maintain your lane presence.

Beatrix will not allow you to have lane presence. You won’t get exp, you won’t do anything, because the minion waves will be too dangerous, being picked out by the likes of Benedict or Orendi is too dangerous if there’s no solid healing waiting for you if you have to retreat for a moment. She can do this because her wound is extremely long and doesn’t have a cooldown.

It already happens to the likes of Attikus with the sort of comp you mentioned, it’ll be even worse with Beatrix around.

I’m worried she’s going to further polarize the viable high level characters - if you don’t have a small profile, are melee and don’t have a shield that can mitigate incoming CC, good luck from now on.

I have no doubt she will cause a lot of teams to be pushed back and disperse, but that seems to be what the devs intend for her to do. With all of the complaints about camping comps, you’d think more people would be happy. I can understand the caution some are taking though. Only time will tell if she does that job too well.

Her biggest drawback is supposedly a lack of a solid escape, so maybe it won’t be as bad as it looks. I am cautiously optimistic myself. She has a few helixes that synergize very well with melees, so maybe characters like Attikus will actually have an easier time moving in lane (assuming she’s on your team).

Edit: I should also mention that the upcoming draft (and presumably nerfs for some of the stronger characters right now) will help mitigate the impact of Beatrix running away with games if she does happen to be overpowered.


[quote=“Yellow, post:31, topic:1554004, full:true”]Edit: I should also mention that the upcoming draft (and presumably nerfs for some of the stronger characters right now) will help mitigate the impact of Beatrix running away with games if she does happen to be overpowered.

Except that the draft mode is only going to be available for private matches. If Bea is OP (I’m withholding judgment atm), there won’t be any such protection in public matches.

Wait what, They didn’t start the match with a full healthbar !!! GBX you can’t show off a damage hero.

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It was obviously a test, which we all failed. :sunglasses:

According to this,

draft mode will be available for public matches.

That isn’t quite correct.

Based on the wording, there will be a public draft but only for a non-Quick match queue. This is pretty much how I envisioned it. Did Jythri ever state whether the draft mode would include all modes or just Incursion? I don’t remember him ever saying anything about it.

That’d be incorrect. Captains Draft is private only. Normal draft will be a queue


Her normal attacks wound?

Yeah they do. Her non-scoped wounds for 3 seconds, her scoped for 5 seconds.

So, what once was a rare thing added to various battleborn, mostly melee…is now just a thing she does…at range…scoped…

Logic here?

Why do you need logic for a character to have something that others don’t? There isn’t really a logic for just Rath, Phoebe and (I didn’t edit this out because I was very wrong.) to have a silence either… Which all 3 are completely different too! I mean, Rath’s is a very large area and easy to hit, which is different for the other two.

That doesn’t mean I agree with the wound being this long… I haven’t played her yet, but the wound sounds pretty devastating. But I’ll give my opinion on it after I’ve played her.

Edit: I edited something out because I was very wrong.