Lets be honest. Beatrix is gonna be overpowered when she releases

Someone might have said this but…

I’m confused when it says infection. Is it poison spreading from the target? Or is it just poison on that particular target? Or is it something else?

I really hope they do bring in more wounds with the patch. The best thing they could do for me would make thorn’s level five mutation have curse apply a .5 second wound on the target. To bad that’s unlikely.
Edit. Or at least make it so volley can wound for a few seconds somewhere in there. That would be nice.

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You can’t have too many characters have wound though, it’s just too much

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The last thing we need is every character having a wound. Healing and regen are crucial to this game having a more tactical pace, even if people don’t seem to like it for whatever reason.

Also, nobody ever seems to remember Mellka’s wound for some reason. It’s good, guys.


[quote=“EdenSophia, post:66, topic:1554004, full:true”]It’s good, guys.

Just saying it doesn’t make it true. Saying it over and over and over doesn’t make it true either.

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Mellka’s wound is good. It’s four seconds and Spike has a 14 second cooldown.


I do, I force my self to keep track of all the characters with wounds because that shuts down my life steal. It’s the difference between, “I’ll just top off my health from this minion wave” and “Why did that minion wave kill me?”


And it’s conditional on the target being envenomed before hitting them with Spike.

Which is trivial to accomplish and is something Mellka is doing anyway. If there is an important target in my lane, it’s envenomed already.


It’s a really simple condition though.


True. I’m really just confused with the idea of beatrix as a whole. A three second wound on every basic attack seems overkill no matter what the patch changes. I know it’s hard to predict what she will actually be like, but from what I’m seeing she has way too much in her kit. An easy wound, an easy silence, an attack speed buff for teammates that can also increase damage resistance down the line, if I remember right a weaken on enemy attack power, and I’m sure there are a few things I can’t quite remember. Not sure how her ult is going to play out. At least the stun is at ten, so it’s late game, and not spamable like KU level nine stun was. It could be a bit much depending on how big the AoE is, but I’m not too worried about it compared to the rest of her kit tbh. Oh well. I guess only time will tell.

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They were each around 13-16 seconds from what I recall, while her ult was on 70 seconds. Fulminate gets a reduction option but I don’t remember seeing one for Patient Zero unless it’s a mutation.

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Fulminate is 12 seconds and Patient Zero is 16 seconds. Both have a 25% cooldown reduction helix on level 6, so you can’t have both.


I never said every character needs to have a wound, but as it is there isn’t enough characters that do.

Health regen meta is overly prevalent and is difficult to mitigate, as well as pocket healers and aoe healers abound which encourage the camp meta.

So when you decide to queue up for a game, you have to consciously decide to either have an Isic/Melka/Caldarius’/Phoebe/Galilea/Attikus/Whiskey/Ernest/Pendles or Deande.

A majority of those listed have their wounds as a helix option usually against more viable options (Galilea/Phoebe/Deande/Ernest/Isic) or too little/too late (Caldarius/Pendles)

This amounts to 10/30 of the characters in the game. With how overboard people are with health regen/health stacking, if you don’t have wounds you often find the game stall out or roll in the enemies favor. It forces a lack of variety. and with how MUCH wound Beatrix has, she’s going to be in every match as an easy solution to that problem, not helping matters in the long run.

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I would only hope a character like Mell would be compensated for farming out one of her few utility benefits to other characters who likely already have more debuff and CC options in their kit anyway.

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That’s enough characters to have wound, and caldarius has a wound melee at level one that is NOT a helix choice, also pendles legendary is cool and if everybody is late game then most likely it’s a close match where that wound can matter

I’m aware of how big of an advocate you are for Melka, and she’s awesome, I get it (Phoebe’s best though)

But your insistence that she’s in a bad place or needs compensation is curious.

You often state how godlike you are with her with a red bar no less. I also see plenty of Melka players quite often (PS4) and they almost usually do exceptionally well.

She has mobility, burst, sustain dps, mitigates shield regen, wave clears, and can dive and eliminate a target like the best of them.

What’s the problem here? A smaller health pool which is negated with flawed health/health regen blue gear that costs a pittance?

A ■■■■ spread on her gun at long range (she can contain a consistent spread if you burst fire with her like old Whiskey, but I’m sure you know that)? Which regardless is bypassed by her above your head spray and crit.

Do you just not want to die ever again? (from what I understand you already do outside of a hawkeye or 5 man focus fire) Which is understandable, I’d like that too.

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You might be thinking of someone else. I think Mellka is excellent, shouldn’t be buffed, and could take a few nerfs and still be just fine.

I do however think that other characters in the game are over-performing, and given Mellka is actually in a perfect place with her limited toolset, I’m wary about creating more Galilea-situations where characters get excessive kits and overshadow characters who are just right - like Mell.

I shouldn’t really have said “compensated” because that sounds like I want more tricks on Mell, and I don’t. I wouldn’t mind her primary spread to be reverted to how it was at release though.

Really? No helix complaints; no constant reminders she has (had) the lowest health pool, or bickering over her guns spread? That isn’t you? I’ll take your word for it.

I utilize this forum as an archive so I read a lot of posts made in the past/present side by side. Perhaps I’m latching on to moments that have been addressed. My apologies there.

Yeah. Really. I have argued stubbornly several times in the last month or so with people who believe Mellka needs buffs (just ask @Kitru or @khimerakiller.) Hell, just a few days ago I posted in a Benedict topic saying that, quote, “Mell has been fine for months despite her 18% health decrease.”

Just because I post a lot about her weakneses - like her flawed helixes, her pointless alternate melee, or the meaningless nerf to her spread - doesn’t mean I want her “buffed” in some abstract sense. The reality is, real talk, that there’s probably no character in this game that has an obsessive advocate the way Mellka has me. If there were more people as invested in talking about their mains, then I wouldn’t seem like I’m on a crusade.

And to be clear: I’m not on a crusade. I just like to talk about the game, and for me, the game is Mellka. I make plenty of posts about how fantastic and powerful she is as well, but somehow, people only seem to remember the times I mentioned that her alt melee sucks.

Which it does.