Lets be honest. Beatrix is gonna be overpowered when she releases

No constant reminder how her melee play is flawed

God forbid I actually care about the health of this game to be an advocate for one of its characters. I’ll just shut up in the future.


You forgot Pendles in the first list, and Attikus and Whiskey in the second. That’s OVER 1/3 when not including Beatrix. That’s more than enough for a special CC like that. [quote=“ckgz800873, post:79, topic:1554004”]
You often state how godlike you are with her with a red bar no less.

Actually, she doesn’t. She usually down plays it. Everyone else does. I’ve only seen her say she’s really good once, and that was in a half joking manner. [quote=“ckgz800873, post:79, topic:1554004”]
I also see plenty of Melka players quite often (PS4) and they almost usually do exceptionally well.

Really? I always see the opposite. Rarely any Mells and all terrible (PS4).

Barely any more. 4 seconds only really active when someone is still in battle and will already be taking damage is nothing

So purposely don’t shoot to let the spread fall? Do you know how drastic of a DPS decrease that is and barely useful?

You’ve been saying this the whole time. Usually that she deserves buffs to other helices so someone could make a new build. Even one new viable helix that makes you think would be a breath of fresh air

There’s a difference between buffing the character and allowing some diversity in how to build her. Right now it’s defensive gear and RLL(Useless #4 but debatably L)RLLL(Unless but maybe R?)L. Every single build


Overall, I would but can’t speak on any character like eden can because my mains are all arguably too strong. And they both have some of the most creative helices in the game, especially for a flex harasser like me (Orendi and the proprietor of the staff that makes the thing next to my name). Again, Mellka has the least creativity build wise in the entire game. Ironic as her potential play allows for more creativity than anyone else

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Oh no, I was just joking with how you usually talk about her, be the best mellka advocate you can be Eden

Yeah, good catch, I forgot to add Pendles in the first list (though I am aware of him)

and I also miscounted, should have proof read, thanks. It is 10/30 of the cast. Though what I wrote does need to be bear in mind. A majority of those characters have to sacrifice more viable options to utilize their wounds and during only small windows. Only Whiskey, Attikus, Caldarius and Melka have it on the offset.

Now onto…

Where do you go getting off on White Knighting for Eden?

She doesn’t need it. She’s incredibly eloquent and expressed herself marvelously.

As stated to her, I read this as an archive, not as a facebook feed. So I’m often reading a 3 month post and a 1 day post side by side, and I accounted for that error. It doesn’t help that she’s one of our most prominent and outspoken members (In no way a bad thing, I quite enjoy her posts) so the mistake was mine confusing when and where things were stated.

You agree with Eden that Melka is in a good place (odd following what’s next), but still took the time to be pompous about my observations, cool. I’m far from Melka’s advocate, but let’s go there.


I do see Melka’s quite often in both Quick Match and Incursion. She’s seen an up tick in my games, both with and against.

Your point?

My point, was that Melka is seeing decent play, and those that play her are doing fine. They have her quirks down and do well with her.

What was your point? That Eden is wrong and Melka does need a buff since all Melka’s aside from her suck?

Where are you going with this? Barely anymore what? Only active when in battle? You’re kidding right?

The Melka’s I’ve seen ensure an opponent dies and that tick aids that goal. It’s brutal. When they engage they venom you and wound you. That 4 second duration is usually all they need to finish some one off, and if the person tries to run or escape they just reapply it (level 8) or lob a reload canister. I’ve fallen victim to her dot ticks plenty of times. It’s effective.

What is your point? That this needs a buff, a longer duration? (outside of her helix choice) Should it just deny shield recharge altogether? That satisfy you?

Why the attitude? I acknowledged she may be aware that her spread stays small if you burst fire, and she never brought it up seeing as it may not be useful to her.

What is YOUR point? That it’s inefficient? Absolutely. I never stated otherwise.

Only that Melka can indeed peg a target consistently at range if she needs to. At level 8 this isn’t such a bad option to finish off a back line Battleborn.

You’ve taken this one out of context. This was never a slight (in fact none of it was) I was merely asking if she was the one who brings it up, in part of my then miss assumption that she’s been asking for QoL or buffs to Melka.

A lot of characters need helix revamps. Melka isn’t the only one with terrible options and 1 viable build path.

Reading your responses, it seems you’re the one crying out that Melka is sh*t.
I never thought so.

And I downplay it for a reason. Pretty much anyone can do what I do with Mellka. And since launch I have tried to, with as much detail as possible, ensure that there are many better Mellka players than me out there.

I think people sometimes forget that, when this game came out, there were Mellka guides proposing all kinds of things that seem absurd now: Thrill of the Hunt builds, Claw Lunge damage builds, melee builds, taking Frag Canister, etc. When I first made my post about her helixes and singled out the ones that just aren’t worth it, I had a lot of people telling me that it helped them to finally “click” with Mellka and see how good she really is. That’s what matters to me. Not my own personal accomplishments in-game.

Did you have to go there? Maybe you yourself use the term in a gender neutral way, but trust me, it gets super old being a female gamer and always seeing guys called “white knights” whenever they support you…


This topic is really going places… :expressionless:


No reason to go that far, and @EdenSophia I’m pretty sure he did not mean this in a sexist way, I mean it’s just a phrase, but seriously @ckgz800873 don’t make this a hostile conversation

Adding something like the life steal you suggested to her Alt melee would still be a buff. Something that would unconditionally increase her effectiveness is a buff regardless of how small it would be. I am definitely not a proponent of leaving aspects of characters un-fun or under-preforming simply because the character as a whole preforms well, and I still don’t know why you make certain threads if you didn’t at least agree with me on this level.

Leaving parts of Mellka such as her Alt melee, Frag Canister, Spike Vault, Adrenaline Rush, etc… to just be ornamental green dots is really sad, and even less fun then their current balancing approach. Even in Galilea’s heyday I’d hope stupid helices would be addressed such as The Pact, Sentinel Stance, Gashing Bash, her pitiful Ult helices, etc…

But yes I am a proponent of a different, more empowering, balancing approach. Of which your fear of what happened to Benedict, then happening to Mellka after buffs, wouldn’t be a thing with this approach.

Aptly named for your quote.

That’s still a buff in my book, and may be why some of the community doesn’t see eye-to-eye with me when I ask for “buffs” to all characters.

Just to be clear, I think the operative word here is needs. I don’t think Mellka, as a character, needs buffs (she is already very strong and performs every aspect of her role well.)

You asked me what I would do with her alt melee, and I suggested that more utility would be good, such as life steal. That would be buff, but it would also be negligible, and I deliberately picked it because it would be negligible. Overall I want Mellka to stay right where she is in terms of her power.

I think the wound on her basic attack is a bit much as well. I think it should be moved so that either only scoped shots do wound or that it be applied to patient zero so that for the duration their attacks deal wound.

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Only scoped shots dishing out wound makes sense to me as well. Otherwise, the mere presence of Beatrix means that several members of the enemy team are going be wounded nine times out of ten.

However, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Look I was going to say something (not rude), but like I’ve stated before: We clearly have different approaches and opinions when it comes to Battleborn, and if you don’t want me to interject, then just don’t ping me. If you want to use me as an example just type my name without the @.

Not being rude, just I’d rather stay out of this/be oblivious to it, as I already know your stance and I already know I can’t persuade it.

Regrettably (and due to my own faults) I doubt we’ve ever had a sufficiently civil conversation to establish what the nuances of our particular positions are, but I understand very well why you might want to be done with it. I won’t trouble you again.

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I respond to inaccurate posts about Battleborn on these forums. These were no different. If the same happened to Blaine or anyone else here I’ve talked or played with, I’d do the same as well.

While true, I started a post about your slight mistake involving wounds. When I saw further things I felt the need to comment upon, I did. To be fair, I comment on most things.

I was just surprised. If I sounded aggressive, I apologize. I in no way meant to be. Internet speak, ya know? In fact, of this were actual gamdwriting, even simple handwriting quirks would dispel any suspicion of negative intent…
Oops, tangent. Any who

If I constantly have it up on my opponent, they usually don’t escape if I plan on them dying. She’s mobile enough where she can dive without risk and constantly apply it. Now that the duration is halved, that’s necessary for keeping shields down, and if you’re there, the dot has no shield work to do. While it still can do decently, having been halved makes it much less potent and shouldn’t really be a factor for part of her strengths any more when Thorn can do it better. Thorn for Minrec’s sake

Haha, that’d what I’m saying. If the duration is already going to kill them, then it’s ability to delay shield recharging is virtually irrelevant. And oh yeah, I have to keep level wight in mind haha. I hit it woth her maybe once every 5 battles. Maybe I should take a shard gen more often

Just saying that it’s ability to delay shield recharge is barely admissible in this current state. It’s still plenty strong and I wouldn’t want it to change a bit, though I wouldn’t mind the old duration as I didn’t get enough time with the weaker but longer version

I must’ve combined the previous paragraph thingy with this one, as I accidentally thought you were saying the spread wasn’t a problem because you can burst fire, which I found nearly funny in a way

Certainly. Again, I wish matches lasted that long :disappointed:. At least bot battles have left mainly serious players in queue so people trying out a new character or learning the game won’t be stomped, on the enemy team or mine

:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: Oops. Ah, sorry

While this is somewhat true, some of her helices actually hurt her. In fact, mutation 2, right three, everything on 4, and all in. There’s useless helices and then there’s this. The closest I can think of is perhaps Ambra’s abysmal level 2 or ~

Believe me, I certainly don’t think so. I think she has some helices and a melee that can be, but those wouldn’t make her any stronger, just give her more variability. Her along with WF and a few others I consider the most balanced in the game

Again, I hope I didn’t come off as brash and rude. That was never my intention. tips invisible cap

These were fun to read haha. You pretty much ended the speculation by being uh, right

I love Final Fantasy games for letting me have the games stereotypical delicate female character be a knight and tank all the damage while the light weights do their own thing

I’m kinda enjoying it. Real discussion sometimes doesn’t take place here. Just “Nerf Benedict!” “Yay Chibi titles!” I mean, it’s good, but how much does it accomplish at a certain point?

I hear this is actually weaker than advertised?

Caldy and Whiskey just jumped a few tiers lol. Reyna too

Yeah, increased diversity would allow for stronger adaptation and thus a buff in total, but if they had to hurt venom by a damage point or some compensation nerf in exchange for more options, I’d call it worth it

I was about to be very confused about the combination of you procuring details about patch early and why the devs would give Mellka dome thing so obscenely powerful haha

With the both of you on this

Also fun discussions like these allow me to write books. Thanks @Gulfwulf. You mentioned jokingly that I should learn how to quote a while back and I now love it


Fair enough.

Eden replied to me first, and we had a good conversation on the virtues of expanding the wound feature, and a learn on Melka.

Epic really had no business butting in the ‘way’ they did, and I called them out on it. Perhaps too directly. I’ll refrain from it going further.

Appreciate the moderating.

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Not sure why you quoted me, or how the picture is relevant, I’m at a loss. Could you elaborate?

With the patch next week, literally every character will have access to a wound with this piece of gear (some more so than others).

Every character can have a wound with that legendary, so your argument of “not enough characters with wound” will soon be erroneous.

EDIT: Whoops, @khimerakiller beat me to it…

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I do use it as a gender neutral brush for people popping in, when they aren’t needed on some one else’s behalf (Epic could have easily joined the discussion in a more tactful manner).

I enjoyed our discussion and gleamed a lot from it, I apologize my poor choice for phrasing may have ended or soured it.

Still enjoy reading anything you post, so don’t go taking this

In to any serious consideration!