Let's Brainstorm! Realistic Ideas For GBX To Increase BB Playerbase?

Anyone have any realistically implementable ideas for how Gearbox can inject some new life into the sadly faltering Battleborn player base?

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Why are they so reluctant to do a Free weekend? They’re already giving the game away as cheap as chips, why not throw it up on steam for a free weekend? Wouldn’t hurt.

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Do games ever do free weekends on consoles?

Overwatch is this weekend I think (loathe as I am to say that).


Free Hat?


Using the maps from PVP, produce some PVE content.
That would get new players used to those maps before they try to PVP.
You might even use the existing spawn points etc.

Then PVE could really be a training set for PVP.
Also, this would mean they wouldn’t have to spend time building new maps.
Also, Also it would mean they could declare that they have “NEW Story” content.

I have more like this but I am saving it for later.


A free weekend now would accomplish little, even if Overwatch isn’t factored in the equation.

Apparently, PC also suffers a lot of resolution or peformance issues that certain graphics cards fall victim to. My GTX-970 doesn’t have them (I make sure the card runs at 100% efficiency as it sometimes tend to bug and runs at 50%) but that doesn’t mean it isn’t an issue for others.

Even if your game is free for the weekend, no one is gonna keep playing it if it runs like crap on their computer.


I’m a broke college student. GBX can get +1 to the player base if they hooked me up with a free copy.


Or create something like Moxxi’s Riot Dome, or whatever it’s called.

Or create that gauntlet thingy in Borderlands 2 to get OP levels, but BB doesn’t get OP levels… they just want to kill a lot of things and get loot… or they implement the Operation Point System…

Or take inspiration from Headhunter Packs from Borderlands 2.

How about a sentient varelsi boss that declares things like, “Solus rests on the brink of annihilation! You fools will all bare witness to a dawning of a new age of darkness!”

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Yep, I just want a Varelsi that speaks. I’d even be okay with just garbled scary noises woth subtitles at the bottom. And if they go the comedy route, a high pitched voice talking about death


That or you have the Battleborn who wants to kill a magician that sings.

Cuz reasons.

And they are jerks.


A Combat Simulator on the Battleborn Command Ship (Base?).

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Did Rendain have any other named lieutenants besides Deande?

Maybe there is some loyalist/zealot who wants to bring back Rendain from his imprisonment in the void. Besides being completely insane and fanatical, this guy/girl/varelsi is not funny (the Battleborn will still mock his/her seriousness, of course) as he spews out just how evil he is and how everyone should fear the might from the herald of Rendain or whatever.

Imagine this happening during Phoebe’s very rich and glamorous birthday party.

If you want a proper response, I’ll just paste the following link:

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They should make good on their threat to ban aimbotters on pc. Considering they used the unreal engine (making it really easy to develop an aimbot–where the first one was available within a few weeks of release) and valve does have the VAC system available–it’s really hard to understand why it’s been so long and nothing has been done except the reporting system.

Perhaps they’re being quiet about it–but there’s still a great deal of inaction.

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There are some things they need to do with the game first before they can consider this. It’s not attracting new players that has been the problem. It’s been retaining them. So first they need to address all of the problem areas before they try to go all out and attract new players. They’re working on things but this is going to take time. It could be it’s all already too late, but it might not be. We don’t know any of this. Irregardless all of this is going to take time and there isn’t anything that we can do to change that.

At any rate I’m getting tired of the community acting all indignant when Gearbox doesn’t immediately implement all of their suggestions. To be fair I am not addressing this towards the person I am quoting but at the community in general. I don’t want to be misunderstood on this point. It’s just this discussion along with many other discussions have been repeated over and over again and I felt the need to vent a little. I’m getting tired of all the negativity because a handful of people aren’t getting their way. I’m sorry everyone but the universe is not an extension of your will. It’s not always going to do as you say. Things are going to happen that are beyond your control. Get used to it.





To expand on what @kaleidodemon said:

GBX needs to fix the outstanding issues before they try to lure new people into the game because you only get one chance to make a good first impression. If they try something like the HB again without the major bugs fixed, they’ll just lose those new people all over again.


I’m sorry…did I miss something here…

What is wrong with the things they have done in the past? They worked and although the numbers never soared…the PC platform nearly doubled it’s player base every time we have an event… 800 on the PC and I can easily got matches and partners within seconds. Maybe not the most balanced teams…but I at least got matches quick. 300 players a night and I wait for several minutes. Nobody waits for several minutes…they go do something else.

So let’s have more events.

Double XP
Double Credits
Loot Apocolypse
Lots of SHIFT Codes

Since they have already done it once it should be easy to repeat it…no new coding.

I don’t see how this hurts and can only help.

Just sitting around watching numbers keep dropping…waiting for this or that seems counterproductive…at least to me.

And why a level 100 player does not get “bonus credits” to make up for the XP he/she no longer can use just mystifies me. Talk about NOT rewarding a long time player. And the thing is, Credits actually MEAN something in this game and could be an attraction.


The only time PC doubled was for Humble Bundle, not events.


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As been mentioned in other threads, unless, in my experience, there is an improvement in matchmaking, new players and pve players like me trying hard to get into pvp arent going to stay to get stompedpocalypsed by veterans and premades of steamroll death.

I love this game and I was never planning on playing pvp - I’ve had some epic matches and was suprised how much i enjoyed it (win or lose) but right now even my patience to endure crushing games that end as soon as they start or teams farming you for their titles is wearing thin.

However I’m not here to demand this or that, as there is a lot of ‘I demand’ ‘they need to do this becuase me’. I may just not be the right niche to target.

A big community event may help? More focus on marketing? A free weekend to get people on tje fence to test it out?