Let's buff Re-Volter and call it a day

No, no it is really not funny to me at all. I have been intentionally posting more often here recently because I am tired of the negativity and want to try to be more positive and focus on information and learning about the game. Not that I am some sort of hero, but these forums do mean a lot to me - not only do I have friends here but also I learn a ton about a game I enjoy (too much?) and like to share the limited amount I can discover for myself. I hate to see the community morale go downwards to any extent, ever.

So yeah, I really don’t think it’s that funny. Just sad.


I’m in line with you, it’s so far from funny that irony is the only way to put it.


Same here and there is quite a bit of knowledge on these forums due to some wonderful people that love this series and have sacrificed their time to finding bugs, testing gear and builds and so on. We also have the “other guys” that just complain all the time. You can’t please everyone. I wouldnt even try.


I know you didn’t.

Yeah sadly. Issues with that aside, that’s the kind of game this is man.

But I never said you shouldn’t be able to enjoy the game because people say a busted setup should be nerfed. There’s a line between an item just being good enough to do what it needs to and doing more than it actually needs to with no cost.

Well, this just got real… yeah, I can relate to that feeling.


But if people are enjoying it why should they nerf it? Like i said i dont really use it. Im having fun with my cryo smash amara, my ice FL4K, my blastmaster moze, mindsweeper moze, my GITM FL4K, my sent cryo zane, mantis zane, on and on and on. See what i mean? If you always go looking for the pretty lady you might miss something with character. With a P.V.E game it just blows my mind how seriose a lot of people are about this stuff. Theres destiny, outriders, and lots of other shooters out there if your looking for some serious. But i always enjoyed borderlands for being outlandish and bombastic. Only my opinion though. Im aware some are serious.


Because people are childish and feel that when they can communicate anonymously it removes their need to be decent.

It’s just ironic when these people use terms such as ‘grown ups’ to describe themselves. Truly shameful behavior.

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Depends on the people you’re talking about. By which I mean the people who cry about stuff getting nerfed and call them weak because they lack any knowledge of how to make stuff work and exploit only one aspect of something. I’m a bit selective about their input.

The Re-Voulter can/would still be fun even if it were less powerful than it is now (And it’s stupidly powerful already so “less” doesn’t say much). There are people who didn’t want Zane’s commitment stacks to be capped on the grounds that it was fun to them, or called it awesome that he could use any weapon (which defeats the purpose of buffing weapons in the first place). Then they immediately complained about the nerf without actually having seen that he’s still powerful now even without the unlimited stacks.

And let’s say someone decides to play co-op. One person who enjoys actually playing (playing the key word here) with other people doesn’t particularly care for standing around while one person nukes the map on their own. Might seem fun to the guy erasing everything, but it isn’t a party for the other guy. One side isn’t satisfied.

Let’s say a player wants a challenge? They could pick another less powerful build against a boss, but they’ll feel that they can never get it because in the back of their minds they know they could end the boss battle at any moment. They didn’t feel like they earned the win and handicapping themselves didn’t bring satisfaction. One guy already commented about that.

Yup. Your play style isn’t going to stop other people from relying on it more than you though. I doubt they have that kind of restraint.

Which one’s called Borderlands?

Typo… not sorry.


That revolter made shock builds possible on other characters not named amara. That is a very overlooked aspect of this discussion as well. It actually made shock worth a damn. Something that was sorely lacking. Another thing…your asumption that others dont have enough sense to understand build strengths and synergies is misplaced. Anyone can look at a com and relic and understand that rolls are crucial to a build. That doesnt take a whole lot of brain power.

Less than you’d think… but of course.

I was talking more about people’s overreaction to nerfs than just their understanding of rolls, which implied to me that they don’t really have much experience or have some skewed perceptions of what counts as powerful.

Bottom line i get what your saying. I apoligize if it seems im trying to be argumentative. I think we both know its powercreep. At the same time that shock boost was needed for certain characters. Now on others it completely breaks the game. Im not disputing that. Its just i think anything that encourages a new elemental approach is a positive instead of a negative. Its all how we view things really. Yes if you throw the revolter with ASS on all your characters and spam ASE you will shred. But i enjoy the ability to make pure shock builds and watch my foes get zapped like they hit a bug zapper. Its art you know.

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I wouldn’t mind them to Reduce Revolter’s bonus from 200% to lets say, 75% of 100%. That would still be strong.

Wouldn’t mind them at all to reduce fire rate aswell on that thing.

I like this shield because it helped weak characters like Amara on classic gun damage builds (even though it’s just a band aid), and also because it brought back Guerillas on the mist Fade from the dead (even though it was already strong with urad), but atm it feels really really strong and I wouldn’t want it to hurt build variety. I don’t want to see 90% of builds have Re-Volters as best in slot.


Thats the thing though. Shock needs more than a 100% boost on some characters because of how sucky pure shock is. Im not talking about splash 200 on ASE. Thats splash. Im talking about non splash weapons.

Nah it’s cool. Sorry if I was too.

Oh you meant actually killing enemies with Shock. I got confused there when you said it was trash and meant to ask.
Just seems like part of elemental Rock Paper Scissors to me. But yeah pretty cool.

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I think you misunderstand how the Revolter works. It doesn’t boost shock damage by 200%. It gives you +200% shock damage as a bonus element, similar to the N2M anointment, or Moze’s Big Surplus. So it doesn’t make shock element ‘better’. - in fact people generally are NOT gonna use it in pure shock builds - its better to mix and match elements so you can deal with different resistances (and shock generally isn’t the most versatile element). The main reason people use it is because +200% towards any multiplier is no joke, and no other shield (apart from arguably amp shields) provides close to such a massive nor readily available bonus.


I did not know this. Goes to show how much i use it. Well in that case i think if they used it to boost just shock this could solve som issues here.

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Issue is that this “line” is very subjective and what do you mean with “with no cost”? The amount of items in your build you have to dedicate to make a gimmick work? The amount of farming you have to do in order to get the right rolls to reach a certain level of performance? There are people who are just dismissive of all of this and other potential downsides just to cry nerfs because they don’t like what they’re seeing. The fact that some characters are still “walking bugs” is another thing that clouds people’s perception of certain builds.

The issue with that is that at the end of the day it boils down to opinion vs. opinion in which case the quantity of people wanting X vs. the quantity of people wanting Y is something that GBX can’t just brush aside and it’s not hard to guess which side is going to draw the shorter straw here.

At least if you make the whole thing about player performance, there is still a lot of room for improvement in regards to the enemy design and there is no real conflict of interest here either but ofc. we will never see GBX doing anything in that regard if people don’t ask for it because they rather complain about the “new hot item on the block”.

I mentioned this above as well I think, but the Infernal Wish literally doubles your damage output and it is always on as well. You get an always-on additional projectile! I don’t see people talking about this shield as “broken” nearly as much but it still seems pretty silly to me. At least with the Infernal Wish you have to build around it a little bit (Deathless helps but in no way required and you want to run single projectile weapons). All the Re-Volter takes is an ASS anoint.

I am not sure what, if any, point I am making here LOL. Possibly just that the Infernal Wish seems just about as broken to me as the Re-Volter. At least the Infernal Wish kind of opens the game up as far as viable weapons that can be used, kind of like the Bee shield a little bit that way. Maybe the Re-Volter does that too, I am not too sure.

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The Wish comes with a downside, though: it can kill you.
The Re-Volter is just plain more dmg, and a lot since it’s one of the few bonus elements that Mayhem scale (like uRad, Terror Cryo or Big Surplus) and is added to everything you do, so Melee, “Melee”, Slams, Grenades and guns.


@derwitte I didn’t even realize it could do that. I have never had the Infernal Wish shield do anything close to killing me with the self-combustion feature. Basically just a few small clicks off of the shield capacity for the DOT. Has the Infernal Wish DOT ever killed you?

Also, why the hell does Infernal Wish NOT work with Elemental Projector?!? WTF?

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Because the effect it causes isn’t actually burn but a non-elemental effect with “burn like” visuals while the Elemental Projector checks if you have the actual status effect.