Let's Build A Robot Army ANNOYING!

Ive had to pause the game to do this. Does anyone else thinks that this mission is HIGHLY annoying on UVHM. I mean cmon, im trying for the last half an hour to get turrets to kill something, anything!!!
It wouldnt be that hard and / or annoying if there isnt a fact that im being mauled by 3 Rampaging Badass Lil’ Lunatics most of the time!

There is like 4 dead badasses in that picture and 2 are still alive, and thats only whats seen on the screen. Ive killed 10+ so far. Kiting these guys and hoping for a turret to get a kill on something is ridiculous.

Cmon GBX/2K make the turrets to one shot these guys. This is just ridiculous.

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Yeah its annoying… I found that you have to use Cryo and freeze them. I did it in UVHM (Wilhelm) with the Excalibastard, since that thing insta-freezes on crit. Then I ROBAWT PAWNCH the badasses into mush. It turned into a minigame of popcicle managment. Keep trashmobs permafrozen for the turrets and smash badasses to pieces.

If that’s a Flakker in your screenshot, turrets get nothing to calibrate at all xP Nothing survives…

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Flakker is there for second winds only, i was using Fridgia and slams to freeze as well, but like ive said not easy with all the badasses around, anyway ive done it after almost an hour and 3 deaths. This is how it looks like after I was done:

Now I feel like I cheated :<

Excalibastard made it too easy… I swear that gun is OPsauce for crowd control.

lol so many sparking melee sticks in that photo. many badasses indeed!

Well my build is based on killing stuff. If I dont kill, I cant heal… Now you see the problem :).

Yeah, I found the scaling on this a bit off on TVHM. Would be nice if this got a tweak. Perhaps not quite so heavy on the badass enemies as well as a damage increase on the turrets.

This was one of my predictions since it was the kind of scaling issue common in BL2. You may just try killing everything that comes out of the tunnel and the turrets will eventually finish off the “healthgated” enemies that seem to be able to run around with no visible health bar. I haven’t gotten there yet but it is what i plan to try. It took a while in TVHM and UVHM i can only imagine.

Excalibastard is good for something?

Never thought of using it for this mission, but gonna have dig mine out of storage and give it a go.

I haven’t got there yet in UVHM but I was curious to how this would scale, even in TVHM it took a long time. In TVHM I said screw it and just started racing the turrets to grind XP.

In TVHM, I was trying to level up higher before completing the mission so I could get the next one at its max level. Stupid turrets kept stealing my kills, even when I spawn-camped the scavs…

It is certainly an odd mission. It would be nice if there was a more straight forward means of completing it. However I love having access to it for grinding XP as needed. Speedrunners might use it.

An example of what they could have done:

provide a button that launches cryo novas across the floor.

Just like how BL2 required you to set multiple varkids on fire but they gave you at least two landscape methods of doing that.


The Thrasher mission does provide landscape features to freeze the Thrashers.

I kinda thought that was like the set the Varkids on fire thing in BL2. Then there was a fire pistol in the snowman head for that purpose too.

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I thought about mentioning the firegun in the snowman head but… it’s not as obvious.

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Not obvious? First thing I did on entering that map was shoot the stupid snowman in the head!


Believe it or not, I don’t think I knew about that until about 3 months after it came out. (I play all borderlands from release day).

Oh, I can believe it all right. I’m still finding things out about BL2, and I’ve also had (and played) it since launch!


I thought it was easier in UVHM. Actually think UVHM is easier all told with the exception being the UBA Muggers. I’m attributing that to having top gear at the start. We’ll see how it goes once my gear is useless

I found i had to battle the badasses and ignore the rest and just kinda hope for the best, took best part of 45 minutes thuogh so probably not the best strategy.

What I did on that part of the quest is just grind for XP. The turrets will get kills in between till it finishes. I get a level up and a part of the quest done at the same time.

Kill all the badasses, they are there just to make it harder.