Lets Build A Robot Army: Easiest Way To Complete Turret Objective

In UVHM especially, getting the turrets to kill the enemies for the constructor bot is quite tedious, especially when the psychos are always hitting you and knocking you around. Well there’s actually a “safe spot” of sorts that makes you invisible to the psychos, and leaves them standing around to get hit by the turrets.

-On the left side of the room, go underneath the staircase.
-Line up with the center line under the staircase
-Walk under until you’ve snugged in

All you have to do is wait for the turrets to kill the psychos, without them even knowing you’re there. You can even throw some grenades or any other method to hit them around corners, they still won’t be able to hit you even if they look at you. This speeds up the process a bit, considering the turrets do hardly any damage it seems.

I’ve been doing this for months now. I didn’t want to tell people for fear of it getting patched somehow

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I had no idea! in NVHM & TVHM I’d freeze the enemies and damage them for the turrets without many problems but in UVHM esp higher levels this mission absolutely sucked.
Not even kidding, I would do my best to freeze and help the turrets out
but once I got killed, I just left the game right there and went and did something else.
By the time I came back the mission was completed lol
this is fantastic, thanks for the heads up!

I can confirm this works. I’m pretty sure either staircase will work. I hid under there and went and took a shower. Came back, objective updated, Athena waiting patiently to resume the killing! :grinning:

I’ve never noticed Athena being that patient when waiting :wink:

Also, I thought most people tried to avoid finishing that mission too soon so they could level up more?

This, I actually race the turrets to prolong the fight, killing those scavs is fun. It’s also a buttload of XP, which is useful in tvhm, a lot of the sidequests are pretty boring if you ask me. Before UVHM, trying to get a lv50 rosie, I actually quitted when the turrets got 10 kills.