Let's Cast the Battleborn Movie!

Hey guys, gals and gender-neutral artificial intelligences and collective beings, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a thread for this and it kinda surprises me!

Suppose Battleborn were to get a live-action movie made, who would you want to see playing the parts? Not that our BB voice actors aren’t great, but let’s assume we can cast whoever we’d like for the characters that would seemingly NEED to be CGI. Let’s also assume it’s the biggest blockbuster ever, so we can have Hollywood A-listers all over the cast, if you’d so like.

Some of my ideas:

Alani – Allison Pill. Loved her on The Newsroom, and I think she could bring the “insecure on the outside, but strong within” characterization in a big way.

Ambra – Sandra Bullock. Her comical sternness as the villainess in The Minions is what I’m going from here, I think it’d match well with Ambra’s desire to see all shirts tucked in. She’s definitely got the cheekbones and chin for Ambra’s angular look.

Attikus – Vinnie Jones. This one seems pretty natural, really.

Ghalt – Idris Elba. I admire the heck out of Elba’s work, he brings real depth to any character he plays, whether it’s a subtle, conflicted and nuanced portrayal like Stringer Bell in The Wire or a broadly-played pastiche like Stacker Pentecost in Pacific Rim. I think he’d be a great fit for the oft-dour leader of the BB, and I bet he’d also have a real flair for Ghalt’s comedic moments.

Marquis – Christoph Waltz. German, charmingly wack-a-doo in a bloodthirsty way, seems a great fit.

Mellka – Rosario Dawson. Am I crazy for thinking there might even have been a bit of her in Mellka’s facial modeling? She’s tough, savage, funny, I could totally see that one working out.

Montana – Patrick Warburton. While Monty’s actual dimensions are pretty impossible, Warburton is still a pretty big guy and for a while I was pretty convinced Warburton actually DID voice Montana. Methinks Ian Sinclair must have drawn on Warburton a bit for inspiration.

Whiskey Foxtrot – Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Why not? Paint him purple and he’s good to go. He’s definitely got the physique. I feel like his vocal cadence and the brusqueness with which he often carries his characters would be very fitting for Whiskey.

Those are some of the first ones to jump to my mind, anyway. Who do you think would fit your favorite Battleborn on the big screen?

Please, no… please…

It’s meant for fun… why the reticence?

Oscar Mike – Chris Pratt. Too on the nose? Tough, goofy, sensitive.


Not sure about the whitewashing of Alani with Allison Pill, but I like most of the rest. Idris Elba would be fun as Ghalt, but I feel that’s type casting and we’d probably want someone a little bigger. Maybe if Denzel Washington could get a bit of bulk. He looks more like Ghalt anyhow and can do that sassy smile Ghalt has. Dwayne might be a little big for Foxtrot. He’s twice the size of most normal people and Whisky is pretty average sized (just really ripped).

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See, I was concerned about this when I thought about making the topic, but is it whitewashing if the character is not human, and/or has skin pigmentation that doesn’t naturally occur in our species?

I’m being sincere; I’m a hetero cis white male and I do my best to understand people who differ from me in any of those aspects, but I still manage to stick my foot in it from time to time.

Sure, Alani’s eyes are what you might call “Asian” if you applied Earth-human norms, but with the whole “blue skin and gills” thing I figured an actress of any race would work. I just picked Allison Pill because I like her work and thought she’d fit the character.

That’s funny. From the first time I saw Montana I thought, Patrick Warburton. Haha.

My Ghalt would be Denzel Washington.

A lot of these characters would be mocap so it’s a little difficult finding the right voice. Like Miko and Orendi.

I definitely would love Denzel as Ghalt, too, but my vote went to Idris because of the solemnity the guy carries so easily. It felt more fitting to Ghalt, IMO. Not that Denzel can’t do a great solemn, somber sort of characterization, but Denzel may be at his best when he’s doing that high-friction sort of anger. He’s got that forcefulness on lock, but his forcefulness is naturally fiery.

I don’t even care as long as Kleese is played by John Malkovich.


And Kelvin has to be voiced by Morgan Freeman.
I think Forest Whitaker would make a good Galt.
Jim Carey (doing a redneck accent) as Benedict would be entertaining too


Attikus – Vinnie Jones. This one seems pretty natural, really.

Lol, love this pick… <3

Here are my choices,

Deande - Charlize Theron… She has the hots and the cunning look to pull of a menacing assassin…

Phoebe - Gemma Arterton… don’t think anyone could beat her to it… British, stunning looks and what not

Alani - Zoe Saldana. Love that lady. Exotic, experience with deadly female roles, great acting chops.


LOVE Warburton. No one will ever be greater than Brock Samson!

I’ll try to come up wuth some more suggestions of my own, movie buff that I am, but so many great ideas here so far!

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I kinda feel like Ghalt needs to be the guy from The Unit. Though I don’t know how he’d do on the comedy aspect.

Also The rock can’t be Whiskey he doesn’t have the grit that whiskey does. He’s too smooth.

I was having a tough choice between Denzel and Dennis Haysbert! I’m so glad someone else thought of him too!

YES TO MORGAN FREEMAN VOICING KELVIN (though I would rather have an anime)

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I feel in her case you’d base it on her culture which (from what I understand) seems somewhat similar to Tibetan monks. She has a very “warrior monk” vibe and is often heard talking about tranquility and such things which are staples of that ideology.

Well actually she is forced to be a warrior

For Alani, get the lady who played Kitara in M Night Shyamalan’s live action adaptation of “Avatar: The Last Airbender” as Alani is based on Kitara the water bender from Avatar.

I’m not sure, that movie was very bad



It was indeed, my friend.

What a letdown.

Avatar the animated series was amazing though for anyone who hasn’t seen it.