Lets collect what needs to be fixed for PC

Hello fellow PC Gamers. Not even describing some of my frustrations here just collecting things that should be fixed / optimized quickly.

  • No Setting for ingame Language (Pc Language is automatically the game language.
  • Not all Keyboard settings customizeable / also not consistent. As soon as you are in menus or vehicle it all works differently again which is very annoying. Needs to be fixed asap please. Give us some love here on PC please.
  • Minimap marking. Well it is nice to have a mark on the minimap but as soon as you drive it is just the general direction and most of the time you need to go another way which makes it useless.
  • No way to skip intro to character select. Please fix.
  • Maybe this is just me, playing the Beastmaster. almost everytime i want to reload my weapon the animation freezes and restarts. holding the reloadbutton for the whole animation helps but i doubt this was intended. Please fix, very annoying.

to be continued …


Broken game texture and mine too, is this a bug of the game or this is just my pc issue ?

Please add:

I would like more for my, what was it,$100-$150 or so for Super Deluxe than just a screen showing the release times (which have passed).

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Remove hardcoded hotkeys please. Not all people using wasd.


badly optimized

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  • Everything

cloud saving?

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we need a full optimization update/patch. game just runs horrible.

i7 8700k
rtx 2080
16gb 3200

still stutter’n away :wink:


All of the following are from the PC version (?) 9/13/19

Unlocking new collectible, leaves phantom image of the part of the image that undergoes a movement animation, this image stays until a refresh is forced by scrolling the now empty slot out of view and back into view.

When completing a global challenge i.e. “Sell 5 guns” the tool-tip indicates to hold tab to get to the screen for the challenge list. this currently just points to the general map screen (I’m assuming this is an internally known temp fix until you get the actual screen completed but still worth noting)

During my session the other players made a complaint about the game forgetting grenades or bullets that should have been fired. I cannot verify since I was host, but thought it might be worth mentioning.

Multiplayer session (internet) when given the tutorial to setup a car for the first time if a player other than player 1 (Host) completes the tutorial before player 1 attempts it. Player 1 will not have the option to spawn a vehicle until they skip the tutorial (they are unable to complete the tutorial they must skip it) the tutorial will ask to deploy however pressing Q does nothing and the only option is tab. Also during this time tab will not go back a screen only exit the interface entirely.

Feature request (If I may) since we have 1 click purchase inventory, can we get 1 click sell junk?

For me it just freezes during claptrap dance loading screen (even after changing dx12 to dx11) so u can add this.

My selected resolution won’t save. No matter how many times I change it, it won’t save the setting. It starts up in the correct res but as soon as the menu goes up, it changes.

Remove Denuvo from the game at least when it gets cracked, people who paid have worse performace than people who pirate.


When driving vehicles on WASD, A and D dont work - have to steer with mouse bug here

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12 hours and an upgrade to Windows 10 later and this is still my game. This is all my game. I’ve not checked the date so often on one day in my life.

Didn’t driving always was like that? I might be wrong but after 500+ hours in BL I’m sure it always was like this.

You used to be able to turn it off - now you can still map the keys in the options but it does nothing

:open_mouth: Hey, you seem to have it really bad there! I hope things work out for you. Did you contact support or something!

Aside from this forum, where IS support? :frowning:

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or here: https://gearboxsoftware.zendesk.com/home

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Thank you, you’re awesome.