Let's compile a list of all STILL present bugs, shall we?

It’s been well over a year since we all paid to take part in beta-testing the game. I though we could celebrate and pool our collective experience in an effort to highlight our progress. Here’s a few off the top of my head (PC user). Feel free to join in fellow beta testers !


  • Yellow exclamation marks are still stuck in both the main and the in-game galaxy menu.

  • Active skill UI is still broken. IDK how is it for other characters but I play Zane so I should have at least a good 11-13 active skills visible there. Seems the active skill menu is limited to displaying a max of 8 and when you have more it goes into “lottery mode” and displays whatever it feels like at any given moment. Sometimes it doesn’t display half the skills leaving gaps or shows weird washed-out icons.

Slaughterstar 3000:

  • Red Rain still chucks half his loot into oblivion.

  • If you die during the boss fight, Blue Fire’s wreck stops the big elevator dead and the new respawned Blue Fire cannot ascend while Red Rain doesn’t spawn at all.

  • Mobs constantly get stuck in the higher parts of the map.

Main game:

  • Teleporting to the vehicle stopped working correctly somewhere along the way. Highlighting the vehicle in the map menu and pressing E doesn’t work, the only working way is mousing over it and holding the mouse button but even that works only when you position your cursor near perfect in a specific spot on the vehicle icon/image.

  • Spiderant queens seem to have trouble jumping out of their hives, most of them slide back and out again but there are a few that don’t come out after they glitch - most notably one in Devil’s Razor in the hive on the right side of the bridge exit going from Boomtown to RR. Her warriors get stuck there too but since they’re melee as soon as you come close they pop out wanting to get in range. The queen however, having a ranged attack just sits there.


Passive aggressiveness aside…
FL4K’s action skill selection gets locked whenever I use the New U station to respec.

And the daily challenge of this day where you have to kill the Valkyries isn’t confirmed by the Vault Card when you actually do it.


I don’t know how best to describe the functionality, but Rushin Offensive was broken when it was updated to give lifesteal about a year ago. Players used to be able to stop and start sprinting at will but now if holding down the trigger they are restricted from sprinting if they already started sprinting and stopped. Meanwhile Zane’s shoot and sprint skill works perfectly.


That’s weird. I noticed I have problems with consecutive slides on Zane when I have a ton of speed boost. It becomes clunky and unresponsive.

Freakin’ Zane…

Also, Remnant still does way more damage than I think it’s supposed to.

Co-op players turn invisible after respawning in the Takedowns.

Voicelines still play when you enter a map (Freddie for Handsome Jackpot maps, the talking statue from the McSmugger side mission on Ashfall Peaks) or certain parts (Katagawa and Tyreen’s exchange in Skywell)

FL4K and Amara’s lines before first moving out to Cursehaven don’t play, specifically the part where Mancubus says that they’ll encounter strange behavior from the locals.


lol I forgot about that. Jesus …


if you are trying to slide immediately after starting your sprint I think there’s some sort of time gate to it. the same issue you describe happened to me when I used Moze’s Phalanx Doctrine to boost my speed hundreds of percent with a specific shield. the slide felt like it would not activate but I found I just needed to sprint a little longer and it worked every time. I suspect the reason it feels like the slide bugs out is because players have an idea of how far they need to run before they can slide but they haven’t reached the required sprint duration to begin a slide. Idk, it definitely is weird either way

I thought that too but as soon as my all my speed boosts run out I can slide to my heart’s content. When I’m walking at default speed with only minor gear boost I can stop a slide midway through and slide again. It’s impossible to do with really high movement speed for some reason.

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Zane’s clone will often get stuck in floors (half his body sunk underneath) so if you swap places with him, you are stuck and cannot move. You have to crouch to escape from being stuck.

Whenever you enter Skywell 27 post story Rhys’ picture pops up and it seems as if he’s talking, but no sound. He probably isn’t supposed to be talking.

During story mode, if you have a borderlands science perk activated and then you enter/exit a vehicle, the perk will disappear and you’d need to travel back to Sanctuary and spend more points to reactive it. This happens most often when you have to be in a vehicle–happens nearly 100% of the time when you enter Devil’s Razor and when you go to fight Troy as you are required to use a vehicle (e.g. entering the Cathedral of the Twin Gods can only be done by vehicle in the story and when you exit a vehicle, the perk will disappear).


I think you’re probably right, as I was finishing my last reply I felt the duration theory wasn’t quite right. Something about sliding with big speed buffs just doesn’t feel good, but sliding is extremely responsive at normal speed. Almost feels as if there’s a longer acceleration time or something as speed increases and sliding isn’t possible until max momentum is reached, but it’s small enough to only be noticeable with really big boosts.

Has anyone mentioned that roughly 1/3rd of the skills in the game are bugged such as FL4K’s pets not receiving various benefits from perks such as Barbaric Yawp or Amara’s Fist Over Matter not procing certain effects?

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I found that when I’m zipping at really high speed I need to first sprint for a second or two and only then can I perform a succesful slide. If I try to do it straight away after a previous slide then I tend to crouch more often than not.


Main menu optimization for PC please, the game launches, get to watch cl4p dance, and then the splash logo for BL3 just sits there with a frozen main menu background for about 6 seconds, then the main menu opens up, though not always ‘smoothly’.
Maybe I’m nitpicking here but alot of the menus have some stuttering issues, main menu and in game. Running a i9900k and a 3080, 32gb of RAM so I’m confident it’s not my hardware.

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im still sick that missions swap around if they change objectives
like the trial missions keep resetting to another mission same for circles… its one of these annyoing wtf bugs that trigger me ever so slightly and mock me for even trying to keep track of objectives.

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aside from that mission thing

npcs still block me sometimes in my room i think, dont play so often anymore but jesus
dlc audio specific arms race ALWAYS playes when i get like 1 cm to close to the table on sanctuary
stop playing the god damn audio, remove the thing from the game if you dont own the dlcs.

zanes green tree still exists, and several of these dont rly work as they sould most notably the barrier gaining shield abilities.



Menu stuttering and being really laggy when scrolling through items.

Temporary freezing when using R1/L1 in menus and sometimes when in the middle of a gun fight.

When visiting a vendor the crosshair on equipped weapon doubles in size and you have to open then close the menu for it to reset to normal size.

When swapping equipped weapons around sometimes the weapon images reverse and it looks like you haven’t swapped the weapons at all. Only when reclicking one of the swapped guns does the image rectify.

As mentioned above, voicelines playing when they’re not supposed to or echo text appearing with no audio when it isn’t supposed to.

Sometimes when in an active mission, simply going in or out of the menu or a vehicle will cause the objective complete sound to play.

My bugs are mainly UI based but I do still love the game.



SF Force/Ion Laser - secondary element does considerably less damage than primary one

Rocketeer COM - in co-op when not game host Auto Bear duration stays at 15 seconds

Atlas Replay - in co-op when not game host there’s no fire rate increase based on enemies tagged by tracker darts

  • Digby’s Smooth Tube does not play its unique sounds (ticket# 5960970).

  • FL4K’s pets are aggro against Dominated enemies, and Dominated enemies are aggro against each other (demonstration). I submitted a ticket with this video as support, but can’t find the number anywhere.


“Distributed Denial”


The betting about gbx responding or not, is now open. :slight_smile:

Great list.

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