Let's discuss Assigned Drops

To me one of the worst things about the game is the amount of “World Drops” there are. It makes getting the gear you want a chore due to it being pure luck. I would think that loot having assigned boss drops would greatly improve the experience. Not having everything drop everything seems great. That said; There are over 200+ Legendary items in the game, most of which are world drops; which loot would you assign to which (mini)boss?

These are my suggestions; What are yours?

Troy Calypso

  • Epicenter Grenade Mod

Katagawa Jr.

  • Nagata Grenade Mod

The Rampager

  • Firestorm Grenade Mod

Princess Tarantella II

  • Red Queen Grenade Mod


  • Quasar Grenade Mod
  • Storm Front Grenade Mod
  • Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair Grenade Mod


  • Tina’s Hippity Hopper
  • The Monocle
  • Woodblocker

Moxxi Slot Machine

  • Loaded Dice Artifact