Lets discuss the Party Popper

So I’ve been getting back into the swing of things and I picked up a Party Popper recently.
what do yall think of it?

My initial impression is similar to the Min-Min Lighter: fun as hell to use, mabye not the best weapon

Its crap really. Range of a Spadroon with a spread of a Quad Casual Quad shotgun (if something like that could possibly exist). That party thing effect seems like it does nothing.

Agree with @Exotek - if you’re close enough to do any damage with the thing, you may actually be better of using melee… I’ve used it successfully on at-level enemies, but it took multiple close-range shots. Will have to take it to Deck 13 1/2 and see if it can hit the test dummies.

Maybe Trick Shot and Unchained can make it work somehow

Awesome. Completes my party load out, with contraband skyrocket and party line, and sunshine shield.


I actually like it.

It does have weaknesses to balance things out, but what you get back is a pistol with the most punch per bullet spent in the whole game. As a Nisha player, Ammo shortage is a big issue, especially in the case of pistol builds. This one is slow, packs a very mean punch and only consumes a single bullet per shot, with damage on par with a Quad…but with a mag size in the 40s.

The range is a problem, but anyone who uses the spadroon could use it to the same effect.

Can it come with elements ?

Love it. With Nisha’s OFEOY skill, that thing just melts enemies. It’s pretty funny seeing them get reduced to nothing by the party popper effects. If you get close enough to a wall, you can see its bullets’ decals so you can kinda gauge how close you have to be to an enemy to damage them.

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I checked it out and it looks like it can’t come with an element :cry:

Also, there seems to be a corelation between people playing nisha and liking this gun so far as thats who I got it on.

@VaultHunter101 It’s not going to hit the test dummies, for its range, think the spadroon or shorter

Are there any weapons Nisha can’t turn into absolute killing machines? :smile:

The probe?
Or a grenadier mabye?

I use the probe for fun with my Nisha. She doesn’t one shot everything, but does ‘3shot’ pretty easy (instead of the “almost no damage” of the probe). And I use I fire variant just to make it more challenging when dealing with shields. With a shock one obviously is a lot is easier.
That thing about Nisha being op is no joke.