Let's do a Hard Carry, Peak Opener, Easy Mode, OP 10 Peak Build

Been thinking about this…

Something to take advantage of that combo at Digistruct Peak and especially that Two Minute FFYL Time…

Feel free to tell me I am all wet and give me your ideas.

My first idea:
Corrosive Norfleet
Peak Opener
Mod = Legendary Soldier
Shield = Easy Mode
Relic = Hard Carry
Grenade = Magic Missiles for slag and regen

My first thought is to boost Last Ditch and Crisis Management


But the more I think about it…with TWO FULL MINUTES of FFYL time…do I even need to boost Gun Damage while down?

Realize totally that there will be times when I need to switch out equipment…Maybe Dukino’s Mom and the two Saturns.

I could also pull the points in Grit as I guess the assumption is I really DON’T MIND going down.

Something like this:



Wet behind the ears maybe. :stuck_out_tongue:

Only when I was a green 2nd Looie…I got…better…lol

Thanks to a couple of EXCELLENT Sergeants who took pity on my dumb a$$

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The 1st thing a butter bar lt should learn is that they’re not smarter than their 1st Sgt.

No…that is the 2nd thing… The first is that they are no smarter than their PLATOON SERGEANT…

A fact I was reminded of consistently…in private…never in front of the men.

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