Let's dream up some new coms

I don’t know about you guys but I always look forward to new coms more than new weapons. The possibilities are endless and a well designed com can create a whole new playstyle.

Right now nobody knows what the new coms are (except the stream team — and shh, you guys) so I thought it would be fun to dream up what could be done.

I’ll go first with an item I dreamt up back in March which would now be more powerful than ever. The one change I’d make would be to the skills. I would put Stoke the Embers and two other purple skills (I’m not sure I know the tree well enough to suggest just yet).

I know you’re just dreaming up some COMs… but Experimental Munitions doesn’t do anything at 2/1 … just saying.
But I guess most obvious for purple tree in this case would be: Super Firepower and Explosive Fury
And we’d call it (Build) Hellborn Moze (Krieg?!)

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Name: Cannoneer

Type: Zane Class Mod

Red text: Like shootin’ fish in a sushi restaurant

Primary Effect: Landing a critical hit with Zane’s MNTIS results in up to 3 ricochets towards nearby enemies. Ricochets deal 50% bonus damage. If a ricochet kills an enemy it instantly restores one MNTIS charge.

Boosted skills: Eraser, Headsmans Hand, Brain Freeze

Description: This COM is meant to represent the two main focuses of Zane’s new skilltree: Hitting crits and spamming his canon. The main weakness of the MNTIS is that it doesn’t seem to do all that much damage unless you are using a very specific setup and that it can only affect a single enemy at any given time and this class mod should help with that.


Really? I was thinking we’d get 30% incendiary bonus damage on crit. I do like the skills you picked though so we could do Stoke the Embers plus those two.

MNTIS Cannon, sponsored by Jakobs. Sounds like fun! Nice selection of skills too.

Yes, Unfortunately…
You can test it yourself, there are some class mods with +1 to Experimental Munitions.

Now, if only Jakobs would work with Eraser… Unless it does, but ya know, we can’t test it for ourselves because they think streamers got it all figured out.

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Name: Ménage à trois

Type: Zane Class Mod

Red text: Never cross swords!

Primary Effect: Zane, clone and drone are attached by a damaging elemental beam if nearby. When attached, Zane’s shots can cause an Incendiary Orbital Strike on target which leaves a big lava pool that damages enemies.

Boosted skills: Trick of the Light, Drone Delivery (more points = more grenades dropped), Donnybrook

Description: This COM is meant to boost the Clone & Drone mechanic and make them synergize more together.


Name: Buddy System

Type: Zane Class Mod

Red text: An awesome friend is everything.

Primary Effect: Zane is accompied by 3 different elemental orbs that constantly release novas nearby enemies. Zane’s Drone gets 100% lifesteal if his health drops below 70%. Under 10% health a buddy drone will appear that gives Zane damage immunity for 10 seconds unless destroyed.

Boosted skills: Good misfortune, borrowed time, salvation

Description: This COM is meant to give Zane builds that don’t invest into the green tree more survivability.

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that name and red text made me chuckle

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Posted this a while back in the gear thread but I figured I’d post it here too with some changes


Beastmaster Class Mod
Look to La Luna

  • Effects: FL4K and their pet gain increased Melee and Corrosive Damage. This bonus is doubled while Fade Away is active.
  • Skills: Agility Training, Head Count, Two F4ng
  • Description: Reference to both the Assassin COM from BL1 and Reptile from Mortal Kombat (I guess Zer0 too because why not).
  • Appearance: Emerald green spiderant