Let's find Derch

I’m new to the forums but i would like to start a search group to find where Derch went. i’ve been following him for sometime on YT and know he goes MIA from time to time. However he’s been off for about 6 months now and I’ve heard he’s ok but just off doing his thing. If anyone has any knowledge about how he is and how to get him making great content again I think the entire BL community would benefit greatly. thanks vault hunters…

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i havent seen killer6 on stream for some time
but he seems to be twittering?

Ki11erSix streams every day on Twitch.

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must be missing him then xD

If you follow him on Twitter, he always says when he’s going live. He starts pretty early, I think it’s at around 9:00 am EST.

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He’s a moderator here… I though this post was going to be a forum violation to summon him. :laughing:

Send him a PM and ask how he’s doing.

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ya, you know his handle here?? and thank you. im not sure how it transitioned to killer6, but i appreciate the super fast response time…if you want to be me head of information and covert ops sector i will consider you as a top runner :slight_smile:

why are you talking about k6??? it clearly says the name Derch right?

how did we get onto killer6?

Can you not see the post that I replied to? I think that it’s pretty self explanatory.

i was just asking because i never see him online

I’m pretty sure it’s just @Derch.

Are we about to reunite the regs from a few years ago? If Derch pops up, we’ll have to run down Demonite and Chuck80 to make it a proper party. I think a lot of the familiar faces are still around.

ya, thanks guys…I’m just getting older and trying to cling to the past. demonite is still doing let’s plays, but anyway thanks for the help everyone!

I, too, was looking for @Derch but couldn’t find any life signs.
After reading this thread I still don’t know where he is. Then again, not a native speaker …
So, any updates?


He’s busy doing his RL job, last I heard.

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Life gets in the way…

Demonite is kind of turned off from the game and makes content very sporadically for it. I’ve seen Shadowevil around, and Aether popped in for a shot while around the M4 release. Otherwise, most of the old crew is kind of MIA. Which is a shame, but ■■■■ happens.

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Thank you! I just find it strange that he was creating content regurlarly and then just disappeared on all his channels. Haven’t even found a tweet or sth that read “sry, guys, busy with work” …
I’m starting to get worried tbh.
@boombumr: Demonite I keep checking on regularly. I know he’s not doing much on BL3 as of late. But he already kinda announced that in his videos. BL3 just didn’t cstch him that much for various reasons. Funny that’s his categorization on V1 and V2 that’s still being used in all dmg formulas.
But @Derch just disappeared. I hope he is well.

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I’m sure there’s no reason to do that. He’s fine.