Let's fix the BL 2 Wiki!

Take one of your characters to Normal, True, and Ultimate, slag the target dummy in each, and let me know what times you get. I got 8 for Normal and True, and 16 for Ultimate, but maybe you’ll get something different? I didn’t check the damage multiplier, but that sounds right.

I’ll test it real quick

My test
Nvhm slag length 8 seconds
Tvhm slag length 8 seconds
Uvhm slag length 16 seconds
Nvhm slag multiplier ×2
Tvhm slag multiplier ×2
Uvhm slag multiplier ×3

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Awesome, thanks!

Also… I don’t think Zer0’s Unf0rseen damage calculation on the page reflects the recent buff. I think the coefficient goes from 32 to 78, so the new formula would be: (1.13^Level)(78)(Rank) instead of (1.13^Level)(32)(Rank).

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I’d need a before and after video before I changed that. That or screenshots of what damage it can do.

Please hold while we process your request.

edit - my Spy COM has +6 in Unf0rseen, so I couldn’t get a reading for rank six exactly. Still, let me know if this works. BAR is off, points only in Decepti0n, Fast Hands, and Counter Strike, no relic, and no COM except the Spy to get ranks over five. I’m at OP0 here, in case that makes a difference. Note that the exponent value is actually going to be something like 1.13001431…, in case you want to try to account for rounding errors.

2nd edit - it may be worth mentioning that there’s apparently no damage falloff over distance, it can damage through walls, and shock-damage-enhancing relics, Ambush and Deathmark all buff it. Waiting until the end of Decepti0n does not increase its damage.

3rd edit (not for the wiki)… I’m hitting the target dummy for a bit over 51 million if I throw everything I have into it. :dukeaffirmative:

Rank 1:

Rank 2:

Rank 3:

Rank 4:

Rank 5:image

Rank 7:

Rank 8:

Rank 9:

Rank 10:

Rank 11:


Updated the Wiki. Thanks guys. :dukeaffirmative:


Now hopefully no one changes it back.

I’ll throw my hat into the ring by saying that the Hawk Eye is obtainable from Omnd-Omnd-Ohk as well.
There’s a video of him dropping it, but it’s a bit hard to see due to the low quality. I’ve seen him drop a Siah-Siah variant back in November, but I do not have any picture evidence of the drop and my attempts to get a new picture were unsuccessful.

http://borderlands.wikia.com/wiki/Gwen’s_Head says “Whenever obtained, a new Gwen’s Head’s level is based on the current plot mission.” That is not true. I first encountered this gun a few days ago, on a level 44 Maya with Where Angels Fear to Tread (level 45) as the active plot mission. The Gwen’s Head was level 37. Which is about what I’d expect for something in The Dust, so no big deal. :slightly_smiling:

The Wiki said after you’ve found one, the second one would be at the level of Sanctuary. So if Sanctuary is level 37, the pistol will be too.

I would stick my neck out, again, and say that it’s actually The Dust itself that is bugged. In NVHM, all enemies and loot level up a few times along the storyline, but in TVHM it stays at level 36-37 the whole time.

With the Scorpio rifle, the wiki states: “Variable burst-fire count when zoomed. Variable fire rate when not zoomed(hip firing). Increased rate of fire and accuracy, reduced recoil.”
In my testing, it actually has a two fang effect, in which it can fire twice with one pull of the trigger. This is what results in the variable burst fire and variable hip fire.

It looks like some of the Skins info from the Headhunter’s DLCs are missing. I know for sure that the Skins from T. K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest and Son of Crawmerax are not listed.

For example, Zero’s Skins

Thanks, but I can’t edit those pages for some reason. I guess I need to be more active to be able to. I’ll keep this in mind should I be given the ability to.

Pretty sure it gets the bonus from bladed weapons in both hands, not just the right.

I’d have to check it out. @Chuck80, do you know the answer to this?

I don’t know if FFOH is multiplicative, but you do get a melee bonus from both guns if they each have a blade.

Actually not quite true

Slag still doubles the damage, but they added an extra x1.5 multiplier to everything that is slagged. So yes, it results in slagged target taking x3 damage from other sources, but slag-on-slagged now also deals 1.5x the damage.

Slag duration is doubled in UVHM, and yes swap speed is increased in UVHM across the board.