Let's fix the BL 2 Wiki!

I would stick my neck out, again, and say that it’s actually The Dust itself that is bugged. In NVHM, all enemies and loot level up a few times along the storyline, but in TVHM it stays at level 36-37 the whole time.

With the Scorpio rifle, the wiki states: “Variable burst-fire count when zoomed. Variable fire rate when not zoomed(hip firing). Increased rate of fire and accuracy, reduced recoil.”
In my testing, it actually has a two fang effect, in which it can fire twice with one pull of the trigger. This is what results in the variable burst fire and variable hip fire.

It looks like some of the Skins info from the Headhunter’s DLCs are missing. I know for sure that the Skins from T. K. Baha’s Bloody Harvest and Son of Crawmerax are not listed.

For example, Zero’s Skins

Thanks, but I can’t edit those pages for some reason. I guess I need to be more active to be able to. I’ll keep this in mind should I be given the ability to.

Pretty sure it gets the bonus from bladed weapons in both hands, not just the right.

I’d have to check it out. @Chuck80, do you know the answer to this?

I don’t know if FFOH is multiplicative, but you do get a melee bonus from both guns if they each have a blade.

Actually not quite true

Slag still doubles the damage, but they added an extra x1.5 multiplier to everything that is slagged. So yes, it results in slagged target taking x3 damage from other sources, but slag-on-slagged now also deals 1.5x the damage.

Slag duration is doubled in UVHM, and yes swap speed is increased in UVHM across the board.

So I’m both right in saying that it’s 3x but also wrong since it doesn’t apply to everything. I can live with that lol.

Well, it applies to everything it used to apply to, the difference is that slag damage was not increased on slagged targets, but in UVHM is is. :slight_smile:

Yeah I know what you mean. I don’t think I’ve ever used slag on an already slagged target unless it was from a grog which does little damage anyways.

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Try a slag plasma caster some time. Not as effective as switching and setting the target on fire, but if you’re in dire need of ammo for the fire weapon…

But here’s the weird thing I have literally never seen a slag plasma caster not sure how really.

Slag Topneaa, nuf said.

Yeah those are fun

I’m still working on fixing the wiki, so if you find anything else that needs to be changed, please let me know. I know about the Maya heads, but I’m still trying to figure out how to add images. I’m close, but not there just yet…

Someone asked about a bit in the TPS section the other day. It claims that the Excalibastard can be obtained from the grinder. Checking on the source, there’s one entry in the talk section where someone shows a pic of getting one following the 1.0.2 update. However, no-one responded to confirm they’d also got it that way, and there have been multiple updates for TPS that affect the grinder since then. Any ideas? I know this isn’t the TPS section, but since you brought it up…

I don’t remember seeing it, but it may be in the patch notes somewhere.

Couldn’t find any mention of the Excalibastard in the patch notes in the context of the grinder - I did look. I don’t remember any claims here either. Here’s a link to the talk page on it - only the one entry as I said. I googled, but I can’t find any mention of this except the one talk claim. Given that this was back in Fall 2014, in an anonymous post on the talk thread, and I’ve not seen claims anywhere else, I am a little dubious?