Let's fix the TPS Wiki!

This thread is for fixing various errors and inconsistencies with the TPS Wiki. If you come across any pages that need to be fixed, post:

  1. A link to the page in question.
  2. The section the error is in.
  3. What the specific error is.
  4. What the correct information is and any collaborating evidence if required. This means no speculation on things like gun damage, damage reduction, what gear is best for a particular character, etc.

Remember that the Wiki is for us, but it’s up to us to make sure it has all of the correct information.

Please limit this to the TPS Wiki. Post any errors on the BL 2 Wiki here. Thanks.


Emphasis added. “Work the problem, people! Let’s not make things worse by guessing.”

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needs BL2 special wep effects page formatting. Lots of stuff is missing. The stuff that is already there haves close to none information.

Do you mean the tables? I can do those.

Alrighty then. I got started on the ARs, but I’ll get to the other categories later because the formating is different. Also, if anybody knows where those weapons can be found, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.

Hail is dropped by Iwajira
Ice Scream is a quest reward for turning in “Bunch of Ice Holes” to Nurse Nina, Bar Bot gives Two Scoops

Edit: Ol’Painful was added in the last hotfix.


Thanks BTK. I’ll add those in the next update.

Yep i mean the tables. Just check the bl2 special effects page. We need exactly the same for bltps.

Already got started on it. :dukecheese:

:). Ive snooped around a bit. The missing guns/gear already have their pages, you just need to put them into the list/table.

dont forget that the items need to be alphabetically sorted :slight_smile:



You know, you could just click on the “sort order” arrows.
Or, sign up and help out!

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Exactly. It’s not rocket science people. :dukejk:

Heh :stuck_out_tongue:

I just wanted the page to look uniform in the same way as bl2 one. I might sign up for wiki account, but my english grammar is not the very best. Also I remember the old thread where people tried to fix some articles while other have been reverting all the fixes… or something like that? Whats with that?

That’s no longer a big issue as it has been because the admin over there keeps a close eye on every change and will revert any that don’t belong or conform to the site’s standards. If you change something and it’s correct, you don’t have to worry about your edit(s) being reverted.

K then. ive made an account, will see how it goes.
btw @Gulfwulf I remember unobtainable guns being added before their “official” release. Is that against rules? I am asking this because there is one OZ kit from Holo DLC that is still unobtainable (as long as i know). There is no article about it on wiki.

If it’s unobtainable outside of using a editor (i.e. it isn’t dropped by any enemy and/or there’s no Shift code to get it), I’d leave it out. Only add things that can be gotten without the need for third party software.

That is why I am asking. Like ive said guns like Boomacorn, Ol painful, Wet Week etc were all being added on game release, year before the official gun release.
Also why i cant switch to visual mode on special effects article for tps?

If they release it, great. If not, ignore it.

It’s working for me. I generally use the source editor because it’s easier for me to tweak things that way.