Let's get a list of zane's legendary class mods going

So, I finally got Zane to 50 and some legendary class mods. WOO!

Anyway, since Zane is by far the most gear dependent class in the game I figured it’d be nice if we could all post the legendary class mods when we get them to help others see what is out there for Zane. Which would you use and with which build?

The one I have unlocks a new kill skill which is NOT on any skill tree.

The kill skill is: get a kill, my accuracy, handling, critical damage, status effect chance, and status effect damage are increased.

Honestly, no idea what the %'s are, but accuracy seems to be pretty hefty (30% or higher - my shotgun’s hitbox becomes pretty darn small). My mod also has +45% critical hit damage for jakobs weapons - which is pretty freaking crazy when you get an assault rifle that has like 1.2k damage. (yea it only has 10 bullets in the clip, but that’s enough to take down a heavyweight badass pyro or heavy gunner when im sprinting mach 5 in TVHM).
The status effect chance bonus is enough that EVERY enemy I shoot at gets the status effect before dying - which really only takes a few bullets, so that makes me think the bonus is pretty high as well. The damage from the status effect is pretty significant. The status effect damage alone can drain an enemy faster than my clone can kill an enemy with Boom Enhance on and consuming 3 grenades.


  1. Kill Skill: Gain accuracy, critical hit damage, handling, status effect chance, and status effect damage.

  2. Gain movement speed and weapon damage. The lower your shields are the higher the bonuses.

  3. Whenever Zane freezes an enemy, a random status effect is instantly applied

  4. Zane’s clone gains the skill augment Binary System. Whenever His clone is melee’d it releases a shock nova.

  5. Kill Skill: Upon each kill, 5% chance to recharge SNTNL cooldown and duration