Let's get some FL4K builds going!

I’m hoping we can all share ideas for builds we may have. I’ve shared a build or two in other places so I’ll show off another one to kick things off. I’ve got a build in the link below that revolves around health regen and mitigation through damage reduction and extending it to FL4K’s Skag buddy. I’m considering swapping out Skaggy for JabJab (the Jabber), but the extra 10% gun damage from Great Horned Skag is tough to beat. I’m considering another build focused on JabJab, but that’ll come later. While I’m not certain how effective Dominance will be, it looks interesting and I’m keen on seeing how it’ll work. The playstyle will focus on SMGs and mid range weapons allowing FL4K to get in to hit someone with Dominance frequently, but still back up and head to cover when needed and allow Skaggy to do their thing with a combination of Who Rescued Who? and Atomic Aroma allowing for a small, yet constant stream of health regen when needed.

EDIT 2: (Made a few alterations and I’m still working on them. The pics and the link are slightly different. Sorry about that.)

EDIT: Pics…

(nothin’ in the Hunter tree in this build and I swapped GH Skag out for Beefcake)

I’m also planning a build with Rakk Attack because it looks amazing, but I’m just not a huge fan of the Hunter tree so I’ll figure something out at a latter time. Curious if you all can give me some ideas on that front.

How about y’all? Any build ideas you got? Throw 'em up here!


Here’s my first thoughts on a build. :smiley: Sniping, invisibility, action skill cooldown, lots of crit damage, and shotguns.

Snipe and go for crits, then go invisible and wreck things with a BIGASS SHOTGUN. I’m hoping the auto-crit-while-invisible works well with shotguns. Pair this with a class mod that boosts action skill cooldown for more invisibility and shotgun fun times.

I keep coming back and editing this thing because it seems like stuff is changing on the skill calculator site a bit. For some reason my Gunslinger Jabber keeps disappearing when I follow the link. If it’s not there, that’s the pet choice for this.


So… I decided to poke at the skill trees, see if something was possible, and scored a winner.
You can, in fact, combine the pet of one tree with the skill of another.|

This is my Skag/Spiderant combo: https://borderlands.com/en-US/characters/fl4k/#t="cbi__1___b__48___p__849309808-5_3320005682-5_572931884-5_1546991626-5_325197786-1_3952986505-1_2818453945-5_696695617-5_2555484897-5_390492389-1_1226621728-5_2581189346-1_2694263575-3_3096568734-1___e__1618958551-122875490_2361518773-325197786_4161501083-3952986505_772024924-1899745313"

If it weren’t obvious, this is just a case of “Can I pull it off?”
Answer? Yes.

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The goal is to shoot craploads of crits and get lots of benefits for doing so. I also dig the movespeed/run’n’gun stuff, with the extra bonus if you stand still before shooting (easy to do while cloaked). Will probably unload jakobs shotguns from cloak, then switch to SMGs/ARs until I get the action skill again. Giving the team some passive regen is a nice QoL thing that I like to provide.

I don’t know if this will be better with snipers or other weapons. Getting damage stacks for shooting stuff works better with machineguns, as do “chance on hit” mechanics (and the red capstone is a big one) but there’s also that nifty bonus in the Hunter tree for staying away from enemies. I’ll probably drop that once I try it.
I’m probably gonna switch the pet around a lot.

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I feel that once I get my FL4K leveled up enough, I’m going to be ADHD AF with respecing…there’s just so much possibility. I gravitate toward the Master tree (mainly because I’m a HUGE dog person IRL LOL), which is obviously the co-op play tree, but I’ll probably be mixing it up a lot. I’m going to have to meditate A LOT on builds before I post one, but I work on an ambulance, so if I have some down time today, I might mess around a bit and post something later.


I think Fl4K looks very powerful with all the critical potential it really allows you to use anything Jacobs to add even more critical damage even shotgun would work especially whilst invisible, pull a Jackson’s shotgun out 3 big crit hits whilst invisible with unblinking eye augment gonna be like money shot

Personnally I’ve made a pet/co-op oriented build, here it is , I’m unsure about the damage scaling so I’ve invested massively into health regeneration.

I was thinking in doing another one for solo play, and maybe a 3rd ‘FL4K oriented’, with little pet damage, but watching your builds I’m starting to think mine sucks haha. Hope our builds work out tho.

Edit :I tried to make a ‘gunslinger’ build, since I really don’t wanna play sniper. This one seems to deal a lot of damage

Using fade away, gurrilas in the mist, and unblinking eye all together should be fun with Jakob’s crit-ochet.

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The main reason I am inclined to play FL4K is honestly the pet and just make it as strong as you can. Seems like there is a way to do that and in the end both you and the pet benefit.

Gamma Burst feels powerful. Radiation damage from what we saw is really juicy. Combined that with duration, pet damage, pet defense, your damage, life steal, several other bonuses and getting the main skill back quickly and you turn your puppy into the forever radioactive werewolf of destruction!

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Fade away tank pet shotgun

The idea is to let your pet to taunt all ennemies and stay full life as most as possible to increase your damages with The Power Inside and dish out a lot of damages with Unbliking Eyes !

WTF Beefcake pet build !

This one is all around the pet damage and spamming the Action Skill a lot ! Might be funny !


I tried to make a build that synergised pet/player kills without being to specific on which guns to use. I chose Melee overide because I could see it being a great “focus” option in hectic fights allowing you to essentially take someone out of the fight and add to your firepower. I just wish I knew how long the recharge rate was on this skill. Im hoping you can run with a SMG, Shotty, AR, etc and not be limited.

The Gamma Burst skill is very utility based and any of the 4 could work. Im using the Gunslinger Jabber pair with it to have him shoot rockets when you target people. Combined with the increased fire rate you get from kills/crits I can see the Jabber being walking nukes while the pairing of Gamma Burst, Atomic Aroma and Endurance turns the Jabber into a walking Long Bow grenade with AoE added on.

As for FL4K himself I went with adding damage to him and his pet when kills are scored along with damage mitigation when low health. Between the regen and health nodes I suspect with enough kills and crits by both the Jabber Rocket and the Gamma Burst you can sustain yourself for a long time. Turn Tail and run gives him more utility to decide rather if regen or damage id needed at the moment. With the Jabber doing a lot of damage as well I can see this being a very beneficial skill to be included.

Im hoping you guys like the build and I am open to be critiqued. The one thing I am not sure on is if 33% of the life regen to team is even worth the 2 points you invest in it and if would be better off going somewhere else like Eager to impress.

First attempt at throwing something together for Fl4k

Alternative taking additional hunter skill (Psycho Head on a Stick could be added too for a sacrifice to FFYL skill):

Utilizing the initial Jabbermon radiation debuff, with a focus on Hunter Skills and healing through the action skill. May move a few skills around, but Fl4k’s skill trees have me most excited

This one is called Fl4k Master Chewtoy and Cuddles The Skag Set a Playdate.

Chewtoy and Cuddles Set a Playdate

The main gist is to toss the skag (whom I have named Cuddles in this build for…soon to be seen reasons.) into a pack, let her be radiated and tear them down. When she grows up to be a beautiful monstrous Eridian Skag, she’ll hop through the rift with her psycho head on a stick chew toy, pop a singularity to keep enemies away from me (the other chewtoy) while I hidden machine them to Pandora’s scar from a distance, making any enemy that gets too close to me her new playmate with the dominate capper.

I chose specifically to not take any Damage Share skills because I refuse to let my baby suffer for my well being. She just better come revive me when I need her.


heyyyyy uh. my stalker tree is green and now this has made me confused.

They had the Stalker and Master trees switched in color and in graphic and looks like they fixed it.


https://borderlands.com/en-US/characters/fl4k/#t="cbi__1___b__48___p__2158073648-5_281565876-5_1740990601-3_4171864922-1_2927115417-3_1474023286-3_3579448174-5_3320005682-5_1546991626-5_3024594450-3_1401085196-3_4206164656-5_493978030-1_4262586319-1___e__1618958551-122875490_2361518773-3517123627_4161501083-3952986505_772024924-2492363046" Mostly focused on gun damage, crits, rakks and health regen. Fl4k seems op as hell!

Made this build based around DPS and pet damage, no skill points at all into the stalker skill tree. That will happen once more levels are added!

I’m surprised nobody has came up with this one, but if it works like I think it does, Fl4k will be a formidable nursing character:

This build is based around two assumptions:

  1. Burst Aid’s health regen works with All My BFF’S
  2. The shared health regen from All My BFF’S works like Maya’s Elated, by sharing the regen based off of Fl4k’s max health, and it’s not just bestowing a percentage to allies.

Assuming both of these are true, Fl4k will heal his allies for about 13.5%~17.5% of Fl4k’smax health per second (which is boosted by 40% through skills alone, and could be 45%, but I wanted The Power Inside instead) all while Gamma Burst is active, and an always on 3.5%~7.5% while not active. I’ve also gone for skills to lower the cooldown a bit, as well as give Fl4k and his pet a little DPS. By focusing on boosting Fl4k’s max health, your team won’t have to worry about health, and by nature of being a sniper, hanging back and taking shots is what you want to be doing anyways. I’ll be really upset if Burst Aid doesn’t work with All My BFF’S, but I guess you could always go for Fade Away for the measly 3% health regen, but sharing 10% of Fl4k’s health is just massive, especially since your allies can just stand in it as well and heal for 20% of their max health per second.

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Here’s my build based on hunter and stalker skill trees.

Crits here, crits there, crits crits everywhere

So the idea is to get critical hits in and out of the fade away action skill. I think the build will work best with a very fast fire rate weapon like an SMG. When invisible using fade away, guerrillas in the mist will allow you to fire away for 8 seconds straight (even longer with the 2 points in persistent hunter) while getting constant critical hits. Increased fire rate using overclocked and two fang will allow you to dish out as much damage as possible. High fire rate is very important as it synergizes with head count, the skill on which this build relies for reducing the cooldown time of fade away. A class mod giving +5/+6 in head count will be awesome as that’ll mean that almost all your critical hits will reduce the cooldown time by 2 seconds. As the build relies on getting constant critical hits when outside the fade away megavore is a must. The 20% crit chance on any body part is quite significant for a fast firing SMG that sprays bullets.

For the action skill and augment, fade away and guerrillas in the mist as mentioned before. Unblinking eye is awesome for more damage and it also helps overcome the crit damage penalty of guerrillas in the mist. I’ll try out different pets, but for now I’m thinking gunslinger jabber for increased movement speed and crit damage. And who doesn’t like a badass pet that shoots rockets at enemies. :grin: