Let's get some FL4K builds going!

here’s mine

It’s a hybrid Hunter/Stalker tree using Fade Away heavily focused on the crit and damage bonuses from the hunter tree while getting some of the regen perks from the stalker tree. By the endgame I will most likely be using the Until You Are Dead and Unblinking Eye augments alongside the Gunslinger Jabber for the additional crit damage.

I’ll probably open up with Furious Attack and Overclocked in the Stalker tree just to get Guerillas in the Mist, because combined with those two skills it sounds like SMGs will be absolutely ridiculous for Fl4k in the early game. I’ll then throw myself head on into the Hunter tree and the second I unlock the capstone skill of 20% crit chance when shot anywhere on the body I will immediately switch to exclusively using Jakobs weaponry, because their inherent crit bonuses combined with Fl4k is going to be insane. And Jakobs has always been my favorite manufacturer in Borderlands so I’m so happy it seems they might get an OP build because they were kind of neglected in BL2.

Endgame playstyle is this: run into an area, find a badass, enter into Fade Away, stand still, and shoot him three times (75% chance it’s gonna be four times with a maxed out Two F4ng). With a Jakobs shotgun or a Maggie, and the insane damage bonuses you’re getting from Fade Away/Unblinking Eye, I don’t think even a badass is going to survive a lot of the time. And what’s more, with Jakob’s crit perk, all of this absolutely ridiculous crit damage is being thrown out at enemies all around the badass, so they’re dying too. That means you’re exiting Fade Away with a bunch of Interplanetary Stalker stacks and the buff from The Most Dangerous Game, both of which are augmented heavily by Big Game - if you kill a badass you literally get FOUR MINUTES of more than 30% extra gun damage and 13% extra crit damage. It’s ludicrous. You just run in while invisible, immediately eliminate the biggest threat, all surrounding trash mobs are liquidated, and you enter the fight with the enemy down their biggest baddy and all the flimsy guys around him while you’re just getting started with all of your insane damage perks, full health, full shields, high movement speed, and constantly regenerating health.

On paper, Fl4k might have the best skill tree I’ve seen in any of the Borderlands games. The potential for both damage and survivability is absolutely ludicrous. He’ll absolutely be one of the best mobbing characters in the history of the series, and there’s really no reason to think his skillset wouldn’t translate to boss fights either. I thought I was dead set on Zane but after seeing the skill tree for Fl4k I’ve got to play him early before they inevitably nerf him hahaha

Here’s my Fl4k Sniper build.
Sniper Fl4k
Point and click.

It will be around 58% (1-0.75^3) chance for an extra shot with Two F4ng at 25% :slightly_smiling_face:

fair enough, i’ve never been a math guy

Finally got my Hunter tree build up. Focused on Crits with a Jakobs AR (if it turns out Two F4ng doesn’t consume extra ammo I’ll invest points in that). It’s also focused on summoning ALL THE RAKKS by using Flock 'N Load and Rakkcelerate to reduce cooldown, increase charges for rough fights, and summon twice as many each time I call 'em. I plan on this being a solo build to get the most from some of the Hunter skills like The Most Dangerous Game. Don’t want someone else swooping in (pun intended) and taking my bonus from me. Also, as I’m banking on my ANTonin Dolohov (Spiderant pet) tanking on the role of tank (see what I did there?) I’m using All my BFF’s to add to their survivability and The Fast and the Furryous to add to FL4K’s damage as much as possible. I would have invested in Hidden Machine, but 6 damage per rank seems… not great? Some of the gameplay I’ve seen shows numbers in the 6ks-7ks. While that damage number might go up with character level, we can’t be 100% sure of that at this point.

Another build for FL4K. I just love their character and skill trees. :smiley:

You shall not die (and neither shall your pet)

This one focuses on insane survivability for you and you pet, while giving some nice damage bonuses as well. Key is the action skill gamma burst and trying to keep it active for as long as possible. With persistence hunter, gamma burst has 29 seconds duration and with the augment endurance it can last up to 44 seconds. With the second augment burst aid, you’ll have 20% health regen/sec for up to 44 seconds while standing near the rift. That is INSANE. Basically you’ll never die. When using gamma burst you’ll debuff enemies using radiation and the power inside will increase the damage of you and your per for first 15 seconds of the action skill. Since you have so much health regen it’ll be easy to stay at full health and get the full 50% damage bonus. Fast and furryous will help with the damage as well.

Master skill tree has many skills that increase the damage and survivability of your pet. All my BFF’s is great too as all of your awesome health regen will be shared with your pet. I hate to take shared spirit but with even more health regen and damage reduction that you, I think they’ll be fine sharing your damage. Your awesome eridian skag will create singularities everywhere, helping you control the mobs. I imagine this build working something like this. You stand near the rift shooting enemies, while your pet runs around creating havoc on the battlefield, and then returns to you for a good belly rub. :smile:

Hidden machine is actually 6% per rank. So 30% boost at 5/5 which is pretty nice.

Source is Ki11er Six’s video on Fl4k’s skill trees. Would grab the link but I’m not really able to at the moment haha.

I hope that is true, but currently, the official skill tree on the site doesn’t have a percentage after the 6. So, until they change that on the official skill trees I’m assuming it is only 6. Also, they recently updated the trees again (I suspect that because my link was dead and I had to start over) so why didn’t they change that then?

…I mean, K6 and Joltz’s videos came from actual in game trees, Jordan. I think that’s a reliable enough source to consider

I’ll have to check it out. I wonder why they don’t show that on the site. If that is the case then I’m going to start making adjustments to my build, lol.

EDIT: looks that way! Skill adjustment time! Also looks like those flat numbers do scale with level which is pleasant to see. Hope we can see those adjustments made to the trees soon, but at least it’s good to know for sure.

They probably aren’t catching something like a missing percent sign in their flyovers and alterations.

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Oh geez, my builds aren’t that great. I’ll try and post a couple more soon though. Can’t believe people get excited about my builds. Inflate my ego much, lol.


i know for a start, i will be working on getting the Jabber skill tree up first. To me, playing either solo or with a friend I like to be able to have health regen as it helps us in the long run of staying alive and not be going down all the time.

the second skill tree i am probably gonna go with the skag. only because puppy and i am curious about that eridium skag form it has.

Probably was just a typing error but in case not, it’s an Eridian Skag not Eridium, like the Borderlands alien race :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This is what I’ve got thus far.

Probably gonna experiment a lot with the other trees just to try out the fully fleshed out pet/action skill pairings though.

This is another build I have done and is based around insane crit damage while in fade away for 8 seconds!

This is my “Master of Pup(pet)s” build. It generally tries to juggle around different sources of healing and damage by going into a fight with “Gamma Burst” and instantly beginning to kill off the first few weaker enemies with the pet before then going after the stronger enemies, with one becoming part of our own little petplay once we dominated them. Important for this - and probably for most pet-centric builds - is situational awareness. A player wants to have at least some sort of priority right from the start, so the question always is “Who to take out and who to dominate first?”.

is good ?

This will probably be my go-to Support Beast Master build (with a few modifications depending on further skill infos and shiz). Focuses on using Gamma Burst as much as possible, and keeping it up as long as possible, to give my pet and team insane Health Regeneration. At the same time I’m giving my pet and me a bunch of damage buffs so we can just tear through enemies.

Depending on what COMs, Shields, and Artifacts are available I can see Fl4k keeping the team hella healthy through tough raid fights.


made a beefcake build for fun last night

prolly gonna be an endgame spec that i’ll play around with; i’m more interested in hunter and the spiderant countess tbh so i’ll focus my main build around those

i could probably switch out psycho head on a stick for persistence hunter but oh well