Let's get some Moze builds goin'!

I’m hoping we can all share ideas for builds we may have. I’ve shared a build or two in other places so I’ll show off another one to kick things off. I’ve got a build in the picture below that revolves around survivability and the Shield of Retribution + Demolition Woman skill trees. I call her “Mech Maiden Survivalist”… I couldn’t think of another “M” word. Depending on the situation, the Iron Bear will be using the Bear Fist with Shockhammer to rampage in melee (made easier by the massive amount of shield power). If the situation calls for some distance then it’s the good old V-35 and Lock and Speedload for a flurry of explosions that even Mr. Torgue would be proud of. I’m also considering the Vanquisher and the Active Tracking. She also has a reliance on grenades when the situation gets dire and she needs some health after her shields die out. Transfusion in a crowded room? Instant full health bar.


Admittedly, these numbers feel a tad high IMO. They feel like they make her somewhat overpowered, but perhaps that’s just my perception. I haven’t played the game yet afterall.

They sure as heck ain’t mine, but if you’re lookin’ for the fan-made interactive skill trees, you can find them here:

UPDATE: 19 Aug '19
Been playing with builds and since the official ISTs are out I’mma update these with my new favored builds.

Moze has proven a tad difficult for me since I adore her Shield of Retribution tree so much (and has been further confused because of unknown health gating mechanics and uncertainty with specific skill synergies). However, I’m looking keen on keeping a focus on shield strength and regen through the SoR tree. Whenever shields go down and there is an emergency, I’ll pop out “Good 'ol Iron Bear™” to regen shields with Full Can of Whoop-Ass.

Drowning in Brass and Phalanx Doctrine are the main method of damage and Auto Bear will help get Moze back in the fight after her shields come back or when she needs to build up some steam with aforementioned damage focused skills. While I like the Grenade Launcher with burst fire, I am tempted to get in close with Shockhammer and pummel enemies in melee with “Good 'ol Iron Bear™”. I’ve dipped into the Demo Woman tree for improvements to “Good 'ol Iron Bear™” and using transfusion grenades for health regen in dire circumstances. The build has a small amount of co-op capability, but it isn’t focused on it in any way.

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My Moze Fire tank. I’m pretty new, but hopefully I got all the basics covered, and again I think the Salamander/Molten Roar + Vanquisher/Target Softener is a great combo.

And for reference: https://bl3skills.com/gunner#500315151013123500501000000050000000000

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No idea what I’d call my build but I’ll probably be swinging something like this.

Demolition Woman is Moze’s glue for sure. Vampyr, Grizzled, Deadlines, To The Last. Looping Iron Bear, and getting key survival abilities. Since Moze will be 'nading anyways Pull The Holy Pin will come in handy. I might move some points to Explosive Punctuation if Grizzled isn’t enough cooldown though. I like Means of Destruction, but will have to see how it performs since the values seem a little low.

Drowning in Brass is just busted. It sounds like Anarchy for the whole team, with a way tinier penalty, and will take no time to stack. Until I see the gear that makes capacity stacking viable I’m skeptical about those skills in SoR so I’m avoiding them and not taking this tree any farther than the Experimental Munitions.

I don’t think I really need the points in Bottomless Mags beyond Stoke The Embers but I threw in the 2 extra points here to unlock the next level of augments just to keep my options open. Scorching RPMs is another skill I might switch in to if I don’t need to go any deeper in Demo Woman than To The Last. I wouldn’t go any deeper in to Bottomless Mags though, Some for the Road and Forge are overkill and Click Click gets overshadowed by DiB.


I dig it, keeps Moze deadly in and out of bear. As for a name, how about “SOUL MATE! MEEDLY MEEDLY MOW!”

ЕСТЬ БОГАТЫ (If Desperate doesn’t work with trl)

  • Assuming TRL synergies with DeMe (The first build is with TD. the second version is if TD isn’t good)

Moze TD Build (This is the build I plan to try out!)
Moze Build TRL

  • For my TD build I might max out Vladof Ingenuity depending how shock is in this game
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Right now the images are still missing, which makes it a bit hard to visualize. I will make a build once pictured are up.

Speaking of which, here is a video that shows all skills, including pictures:

I want to have max uptime on Iron Bear and blow everything up with twin heavy machineguns.

Once we get more skill points, it’d be nice to be able to get a fire and shock railgun at the same time.

Speccing for fire damage/melee mech also seems cool.



All the bullets!

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Firestarter. Or The Rush In Reversal, (In Soviet Russia, Vlad Off You!)

She left Vladof and it was a bad split, so she’ll rarely use Vlad weapons. (I just don’t like Vladof, they don’t suit my playstyle).

So, my two main goals were to find all the splash damage, fire damage, and speed I could get. Beary is gonna be loaded up with Singularity Grenades and a Shock Chain or Fire Railgun most of the time, but I retain the right to switch it up.

It’s funny, I was talking about how I’d change Gaige to up her Anarchist theme, and a lot of the things I thought up actually show up here in the DemWo tree. I think that the Capstone will apply to Beary going nova too, so. Stoked

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Weird reminder that percentages in BL3 will mean different stuff than percentages in BL2. Derch pointed out that, if scaling is not as insane (doing a million damage while we only have half a million hp or something), then a life drain needs more oomph. Same with if weapons do less card damage.

The link is broken and I’m curious :frowning:

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My bad. Misread that.

Almost all skills in the bottomless mags tree and a few points elsewhere. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Cool! Thanks, Chuck!

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I’ll be playing Moze fist so if the skill tree holds up it will be something like this:
Not sure how the Augments work but in Bottomless Mags I want LOSS and ChWa, for Demolition Woman VRP and AcTr and in Shield of Retribution BeFi, CaAr, CtD and Sho.


@Carlton_Slayer Okay. So. For augments.

See the top skill in each tree? That’s called a Hard Point. You pick two Hard Points to put on Bear. Those can be the same Hard Point or different. When you call down Bear, those two are the Weapons Bear will have.

So the Hard Points are Hexagons, so down the trees you find additional Hard Points that replace the First Three. You only have to unlock that row in order to use them.

Now. The little Chevron/half arrow things are called Augments. Each Hard Point you’ve selected can be hit with one Augment.

And that’s how Augments work.


Thanks for explaining that- unfortunately it seems like the link on my build has gone bad…


All the Direct Links are bad. Best bet is a screen cap like I did above.

On windows ten, that is most easily done by windows + shift + s, then drawing the box around your trees, then pasting it in your box here


Thanks- still working with Windows 7 though…

Honestly, Jealous. Turns out, BL2 is a nightmare on 10. I would just google “Screen Shot Windows 7” and it should get you there