Let's introduce ourselves!

Hello there, guys!

With the Open Beta being right around the corner, I thought it would be nice if we had a thread where we can post our gamertags/nicknames/account names etc. so that we can play together and have some fun in the Beta and when the game finally comes out!

I guess we could write about our platform of choice, characters we want to play, whether we are gonna buy the game on release etc etc.


Ok, me first:

Platform of choice: Steam

Account Name: Stargirio GR (add me!)

Characters I want to play: Orendi, Galilea and Miko

When I am going to buy the game: Hmm, probably day 1, I might be late a day or two because it’s the Orthodox Easter on the 1st of May and I may be on holidays around that time!

I really enjoyed Borderlands 2 and Borderlands The Pre-Sequel, having played them for more than 500 hours combined. I would have liked to call myself a big fan of Borderlands, but I 've seen guys who have played for more than 4 or 5 thousand hours, so I guess I mostly fall in the “casual” Borderlands player category!

Because I am absolute dong at making my own intro sheets

Platform of choice: Steam

Account Name: Weeb Garbage Slendermane (If you wanna add me, go ahead) http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198117304110

Characters I want to play: Marquis, despite being ass at sniper, Kleese, Orendi, and ISIC

When I am going to buy the game: I’d like to see sales before I purchase, but if the open beta is enticing enough, I may pre-order, despite the risks.

I saw a Battleborn add back when February was the release date. It was vaugely interesting, but considering it was still very not-finished, I forgot about it. Then, I saw TB’s video of it, and my interest was peaked yet again. Now, I stand here before you.

I don’t really have much experience with Gearbox games. All I know was the Borderlands was good and the Aliens: Colonel Marines was ass. That’s it.

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Ohhh, good idea, love these threads!

Platform of choice: Steam

Account Name: Cerberus ( http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198012827377 )

Characters I want to play: Ambra, Oscar Mike, Ghalt, Galilea

When I am going to buy the game: Already pre-ordered the Digital Deluxe Edition

I’m also a big Borderlands fan (love both the games and the lore). I’m usually more of a PvE oriented player but I do occasionally dabble into PvP (more specifically, MOBAs). I plan on playing both in Battleborn (with a bit more focus on the PvP aspect, because it’s awesome).

I live in the EST zone and primarily play during the afternoon and early evening (generally between 1pm-9pm). If you intend on playing during these hours, feel free to add me!

I’m no pro player, nor do I aspire to be, but I take my competitive approach seriously. I do my research, try to communicate (I have a headset) and play to the best of my ability.

So anyways, that was me in a nutshell. Who’s next?

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You can give us a link to your Steam profile page so that we can find you more easily.

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My platform of choice: PS4

Psn: Hir365

Characters I want to play: Benedict , Oscar Mike and Caldarius

I’ve never played borderlands before, my gaming journey is still but I have still experienced wonderful games. And dare you call me peasant


Very Well

I’ll post it in my message too.

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Done, thanks for the tip :smiley:

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PC, Windows 7 Ultimate ‘N’ 64bit (Monster nVidia/Intel)
Steam: Holly (Profile is private because so many people are just yucky)


Platform of choice: PS4

Account Name: Zarnias (I think)

Characters I want to play: Montana, Miko, Oscar Mike, Boldour, Whiskey Foxtrot

When I am going to buy the game: Sometime in the next 3 weeks on Amazon Prime… Maybe tonight…

I like games. I play a lot of Heroes of the Storm and I usually try out the new PS+ games each month (Dead Star is fun so far). I’m playing through Borderlands atm.

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I’ll send FRs to you PS4 guys. Anyone else on PS4 who wants to party up shoot me a FR. You should also check out my open clan recruitment thread. We play many different games and already have a medium sized community of patient and helpful people.

Join us PS4 Clan recruitment: Raiders Against Darkness wants YOU

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Forgot my gamer tag, kind of something “John(Instert random numbers)”. I’ll try to post it later, sorry.

Platform of choice: PS4, I love couch co-op.

Characters I want to play: Robo-Batman (Caldarius), ISIC, Whiskey Foxtrot, Shayne and Aurox, and Kleese. So many cool ones to pick from.

Already pre-ordered the game, will come in about 4 days after launch.

This is a nice thread.

Platform of Choice: Steam, although I’ll probably play the PS4 version until the steam version comes out

Account name: Amigo Grenouille http://steamcommunity.com/id/idno58/

Characters I play: Miko, Toby, Montana, Oscar Mike, maybe Benedict, hopefully Kleese

When I’m buying the game: A month ago

I’m really liking the look of Battleborn so far. At this point, I don’t even care about the-other-hero-based-shooter-coming-out-in-May-that-shall-not-be-named anymore. Battleborn just has that Gearbox charm that I love.

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Hey there, i’ll just put my stuff here aswell.

Platforms PS4 and PC (Steam)

Account names PSN:Spikeysalad Steam:Fluffx

Favorite character so far Benedict

I’ll preorder whenever i get to my payday for may cos i’m kinda broke right now xD

Platform of choice: PS4

Account Name: PheelyksArtifex

Characters I want to play: I want to play all of them, but Montana and Caldarius are the two I remember being most comfortable with in the CTT. We’ll see who else I add to my list soon enough.

When I am going to buy the game: I’m pre-ordering via GameStop because I want a figurine, but since there’s no stores were I live I’ll get the game by mail, which means I’ll start playing a little later than everyone else.

There are a few of these posts going around (here, here, and here to name a few), at some point thought the mods had said they’d make a new area for them, but guess it hasn’t happened yet.

Platform of choice: PS4

Account Name: shuttle127

Characters I want to play: Thorn, Orendi, Miko, and Shayne & Aurox

When I am going to buy the game: already pre-ordered from Gamestop, who’s willing to trade me a figurine if I don’t get one of my first 3 choices? :stuck_out_tongue:

As @shuttle127 says, I have been trying to put together a team, or at least get a bunch of people together who will be playing the same game.

Platform of choice: PS4

Account Name: sunnyxjacuzzi

Characters I want to play: Miko, Marquis, Mellka, Orendi, and whiskey foxtrot

You can also check out my thread here

Platform of choice: Steam

Account name: Jansin3

Characters I want to play: Benedict, Ghalt and Marquis.

Feel free to add me.

Platform of choice: Steam

Account Name: neus http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561197975752668/

Characters I want to play: Rath, Benedict, Caldarius, Galilea

When I am going to buy the game: As soon as i get home next weekend

Preferred hours : > GMT Timezone < - 22H and up during weekdays, Afternoon on Sundays

Feel free to add me.

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