Let's look on the bright side

Don’t be a Steve. Always use Spoiler tags.

I’ve seen a LOT of negative threads on this site, and even positive ones quickly going sour. So I figured I’d make this thread and see how long it can last.

Now, everyone’s entitled to their opinion, but I’d appreciate if we could keep the debates out on this one. If there’s something you disagree with, be it story or gameplay-wise, that’s fine! But try to take the debates to a different thread, if you can.

Borderlands fans, what are some of the things you ENJOY about BL3 so far?


The gunplay seems to have been refined, it’s better than it ever has been. I also love the vast array of weapons available and, unlike in the other games, there aren’t many truly terrible guns now. I’ve used greens by choice while levelling characters and what’s noticeable is how well they perform, despite not being “great” gear.

I love the environments, unlike the other games, there are no maps I hate. The new vehicles are cool, especially the Cyclones.

Vault Hunter balance has been consistent from what i’ve seen, they learned a lot from BL2 and made much better balance in TPS, and it’s been improved again here.


Overall gameplay is great. Easter Eggs are a bit less in your face and hidden, making them more fun. Love the cars/trucks and customization. Guns are all around fun to play with and are super surprising most times.


I love having more goals (Typhon drops, targets, car parts, etc.) and hope they expand even more in the DLC’s.


first off, this is more General Discussion then a Spoilers topic.

In a spoilers sense towards story though. I like the way the built the Jakobs Corporation. When we think Manufacturers in Boarderlands we think spaceships and robots, not swamp people, loggers, and witchcraft. It was a nice change of pace from the corporate armies and being a Jakobs Resistance instead. Explains alot of why Jakobs guns have built up and designed like they have in previous games.

Although Eden 6 was probably the only real enjoyable part of the story for the most part.

Pandora 1st visit - not even worth a score
Promethea - 6/10
Eden 6 - 9.5/10
Athenas - 3/10
Pandora 2nd visit - 4/10 (carnivora carried this section)
Nekotefeyo - 2/10 (lots of missed opportunity I hope they expand on in DLC)

Borderlands 3 story is very weak. You’d think with multiple planets they would have done more to expand on each one. Instead you were barely in most of the ones that should have had the most lore or the story was way too predictable.

I put this in spoilers so people can talk about the story, if they enjoyed it, without ruining it for others.

And again, I made this thread for POSITIVE. If you have gripes, please feel free to discuss them in a different thread.

-Sound design is amazing guns feel impactful and you can hear differt parts of them working
-Cash economy is better, in endgame you have plenty of cash from just playing. You don’t go poor buying ammo
-Golden chest has more loot and legendaries
-Fast travel from anywhere
-No more matching grips bonus to limit good parts on guns
-gun part viewer with stats per part
-more gun parts
-all gun parts are for those guns
-alien barrels are a big upgrade
-secondary manufacturer perks
-more diverse skill trees
-swappable action skills
-multiple actions skills
-action skill augments
-mantling and sliding helping movement
-repeatable arenas
-no more having to share loot
-being able to play co op at different levels
-the mail system
-all things jakobs
-mashers are back
-splash damage is now defined and not a total mystery
-the vehicle system and having new parts
-map quests now seem more impactful and worth doing
-animations especially Amara’s action skills look great
-fighting dinosaurs, some with lasers lol
-so many amazing Easter eggs
I could go on
I will go on
-Fl4ks coms being adoreable
-adjustable difficulty
-resettable tvhm
-rakks have crit spots now
-spiderants new design, I love how they look
-Hammerlock hunts and Zer0’s targets
-re color skins option
-echo themes
-sdu’s not being eridium
-eridium auto pick up
-ammo seems to drop more, I rarely have issues
-some of the COS’s you can rejoin if you die (not sure if its a bug)
-COS’s are way more difficult which helps replayability
-So many new legendaries
-More quests give you red text
-Blues uniques are rarely better than legendaries now, power levels seem better
-twitch extension
-replayable echos
-chadd’s extreemness
-Jim Foronda as claptrap
-anointed gear
-buy all ammo
-being able to see items of the day without opening a vendor
-getting action skills at level 2
-skipping part of the opening on tvhm
-boss fights seem better designed
I’ll have more later


Quick question…if you reset TVHM can you still choose Mayhem levels or does that reset so you have to finish TVHM on Xbox or hit Sanctuary on PC before you can change Mayhem levels?

I’ve heard you need to beat TVHM for consoles, I am on pc so I am not sure.

-Blowing in the echo recorder like its a nintendo cartridge
-hot swapping quests without needing a menu
-the in game screen shot menu is brilliant, being able to move around and get great and hillarious shots
-Gun screenshot menu as well, being able to hide the IU and just get the gun. We love sharing our gun shots
-What they did for trevor eastman, RIP
-timed quests are much more forgiving this time, I can do them with way less rage
-less driving quests, I hated those
-ping system
-3d maps so you can see verticallity
-mailing friends poo items


The Easter eggs have been fantastic and the music is so damn good! Normally I turn off most sounds except dialogue but a friend told me to put the music up and I have no regrets.

And a lot of the side missions were perfect - a nice mixture of humour and heartfelt moments.

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Borderlands has had great music through the whole franchise.

The headhunter packs in bl2 really killed it

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Gameplay was great
music was good
slide was a nice add tho i find i dont use it to much in less rushing for a boss or mob to farm

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-The ability to add what you are doing to your profile so your friends know if a great new feature
-i can’t believe I left out the lost loot locker
-the fact I can switch to normal from tvhm, respec or grab gear from the bank, go back to tvhm and I’m in the same spot
-coms give you the skill point boosts even if you are not speced into that skill
-vehicle horns change with the skin
-killing enemies with flame vehicle boosters or wings
-being able to Max level in normal so everything you get in tvhm is at level

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There’s more than one new vehicle?

Do you mean the hover variants?

Or like mission specific vehicles like the DD?

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I love the improved gunplay and mechanics very much.

Story is ok, certainly not bad.

I’ve had a few glitches, nothing too inconvenient or bad.

Wish there were more enemy types and less heavy weapons enemies in mobs.

Blinding rocket visuals everywhere disorient me a lot.

Ava takes a lot of unnecessary hate, I bet both Lilith and Maya were little sh*ts when they were Ava’s age as well.

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