Let's make gear/item showcase posts ILLEGAL 🤐

Posting or sharing links on how overpowered or good a weapon or item is is now illegal and can send the user to the gulag. Just kidding, just ban their IP address from accessing this subreddit and the Gearbox official forums (if that’s possible). Videos about “THIS GRENADE MELTS GRAVEWARD IN 299,792,458 m/s, or THIS :cake: MAKES MAYHEM 69 A CAKEWALK” are automatically DMCA’d in a heartbeat.

That way Gearbox has no way to know which weapons should be nerfed and it is up to us to really know which gear are good for our build. It promotes us getting a feel with every weapon we come across as long as the numbers on the item card reflects its in game performance. And even if every player across the board eventually settles for a couple of overpowered gun, Gearbox wouldn’t dare nerf it cause posts like “omg bitch is so OP please nerf :joy: or bitch ruined the campaign for me please nerf :tired_face:” are gonzos. That is unless they are playing their own game making sure that updates are at least 80% balanced and properly working. No new OP weapons only to be nerfed in every update.

If you really need to praise the high heavens how good a gun is, or sing the blues a weapon ruined your normal playthrough, just scream in a pillow and move on.


I made this post just to make fun at what’s happening on this forum and the subredddit brought in by the latest update. :sweat_smile:

Also I do not promote the idea of censorship in any way. That is bad.

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Some people would burn Pandora to the ground for a little karma/Youtube views.

if only they hire real player to test their game, they wouldnt make wrong decision again.

Man, what has the internet done to our self esteem

I mean they have a quality assurance team, but it seems they are not currently doing a good job with these recent patches.