Let's make our own difficulty slider

One bitch I have about endgame bl is the fact that it’s really just too easy. Even with everything leveled it’s too easy. Cod is easy. Underdome is easy. But it’s easy I guess because I have every perfect part gun I could ask for…I’d really like this game to have a traditional difficulty slider other than the 4 player thing (I’m on ps3 anyway and I don’t know if I could even do that) …so the only thing to do is actually regress your character manually. Unassigned skillpoints. Go shieldless. Comless. Etc. My idea is to use rarity color builds. I was going to start off trying a blue or lower only build on Lil or mordy. Then a green…then a truly masochistic white build with no com. Comments and or suggestions?

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The rarity thing works in BL2 because of the different underlying mechanics of the gear system. In BL1, though, the way the awesome level works, you could have some white or green item that would totally wreck a lot of things at level.

Which isn’t to say that you shouldn’t try it, but you might need to be very selective. I’d probably go for something like a non-elemental only version, or just a “no red text items”.

Then again, I still have to get Roland up to max level and get Brick out of Pt.1, so it’s not like I don’t have things I can do…

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Yeah some blues are very very good in this game with the right situation. I have a blue urban 2 shot matador that I use with lilith that wrecks with mobbing. I still kinda hate bl2 tho. Grind grind grind. They ‘fixed’ alot of things that weren’t broken and just dumbed down a lot of things. And seeing a ten millionth place on dmg numbers is just obnoxious. I’m one of those praying for a remaster so I can see my Draco in all its glory and build a reaper based hunter.

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I’m bad at all of the games so im not complaining about the difficulty lol

My play style is “utter abandon”. I run into the middle of a mob and hang on for dear life. Depending on how well I do is how I rate gear haha. Needless to say I love hx 130 smgs and 2 shot shottys

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Use the OP system (I do this, and it really makes the game fun… not available in BL1, but it’s why I love the OP pack):

  1. Get your butt to OP8. Not easy, but this is the high end of the slider.
  2. Pick a level somewhere in the middle. I like OP3, some people OP4, whatever. Select this level, and farm for your favorite weapon set (which should drop at the selected OP set (and should be easy, since you can come down with OP8 gear… you just want to build a library of gear at this level)
  3. Arm yourself with this gear. Now you have a slider whenever you start the game: Want an easier match? Pick lower levels. Want a harder match, pick higher levels. Think OP8 is too easy? Try it with gear five levels too low.

Every time you start, you can pick what difficulty you want to play. You can also buff/nerf gear with this system by including higher or lower level gear in this mid-OP library. Say you’re set up with a gear set at OP3 and like the difficulty OP4 provides with this armament, but you think the nova shields should hit harder. Just farm yourself an OP8 one and add it to this library.

Depending on where you park your gear set (and there’s no rule that says you can only have one… there’s just some labor in swapping it out and muling it away), you can make the game harder than OP8 or on par if not easier than NVHM.

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I kinda hate borderlands 2. And yeah I’ve done exactly that. Sometimes I would use my op8 gear and run regular 72 just so I could like…explore around without having to worry about 37 bandits respawning every time I turned a corner. Bl2 is difficult in a whole other way. As in…it’s difficult for me to keep using this Harold and this magic missile and this grog nozzle cause that’s the only way I don’t die every 8 seconds.

yes. YEEEES! Please!