Let's make the community strong!

As the title says, everyone should be patient with new players, if your team is drastically out leveled etc/you’re getting beat at least try and teach the new players on the team what they could improve/maybe they’re playing their character wrong. I’m pretty competitive but I still try and make an effort to do this, I’m not perfect by any means and like everyone else get frustrated at the Miko’s who refuse to heal (but if you’re out of position that’s your own fault obv.).
I don’t want to see the Battleborn community degenerate in to a LoL level of in game flaming if someone is new to the character they’re playing or doing poorly for one reason or another.
I want to stream the game as much as possible (which I do, but not much in the sense of viewers so I can’t really call myself a streamer) and I’d definitely use a portion of that time to play games with new players and hopefully help expedite them learning their characters (if it’s one I know well). I play on xbone with the same gamer tag as my name is on here so if you want to play some games shoot me an invite (and maybe a message just saying you read this post). Obviously I like winning, but it seems less important than making sure the community is strong, especially with a new game!


I play with some new players from time to time and give them tips on the characters they’re using, I also play with a good group regularly and we help each other out as we’re all adept with different characters. Share your knowledge and help the community become great!

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100% my friend. We have a pretty solid core group, and can usually carry a new player against all high levels fairly regularly. In games we’re crushing newer players I’ve been backing off on kills, just chasing them from lane then sending messages after the fact to opponents about tips etc. Losing sucks, but you can take something out of every game whether you win or lose.

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Everyone hates losing but sometimes I need a loss to knock me down a peg lol, I learn a lot about composition and strategy when I lose to a solid team and I share my experiences afterwards. I’m a competitive player too so I don’t back down from a full team and strive to beat those who beat me the first time around lol.

as far as fourms go its an awesome group but as soon as you exit the safety of this site all hell breaks lose i mean were talking bans for not haveing the popular opinion wanna be pros that think they have a meta game down it hurts my soul how often i see it

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the " you sawk, or you must be a troll" or my favorite "i’m reporting you"
have fun with that pumpkin :ok_hand:

Yeah thats kind of why I wanted to make a post, maybe some of those people would see it and think twice rather than troll asap :/.

I think you’re giving people too much credit. The internet proves that most people would rather be an ass then helpful.

I try and do this, but on Xbox majority of randoms don’t have/use mics. the few that do have mics have actually been pretty fun to play with. Have not come across any “toxic” types.

I haven’t had any toxic people with mics on PS4 either. However 85% of the people with mics aren’t talking, but rather eating or talking to people that aren’t playing this game.

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I’m not necessarily giving credit. I’m just hoping to have a hand in establishing some part of a community, there will always be trolls and I get that.

Party chat, so convenient yet so inconvenient lol >.<