Let's Not Be A Stranger Thread

This thread is for introducing yourself to the communtiy, that way we know who you are and you know who everyone else is. I’ll start.

Hi my name is razorxscooter2, please welcome me to these forums :3

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I’m omega59, a member from the original forums. That about sums it up, really.

I’m Vycksta and I’m that weirdo who has sixteen Mechromancers and a penchant for tea, Oreos, the Unova region, more tea, Dr Pepper and inspiring quotes. Currently obsessed with Destiny and the DLC that came out on Tuesday.


This thread is like 3 months old… Yeaaaa reviving threads that was ahead of its time!
Theres another bigger threaf called reintruduce yourself use that one instead.

Also Vycksta why where you never here during the testing? you where invited as a tester.

Not enough tea!

sips freshly made tea

Yea I personally suggested you. Was sad you never came, Vycksta. Mayhaps it was another Sandman type issue…

I double check and unlike Sandyman her name was spelled right so she must have goten the PM, might have been lost in cyber space who knows… I guess Vycksta knows

I’m Arsonist.

I am the president of calendars.

I added a little bit of cinnamon to this cup. It’s something I have been doing the last few days and I’m surprised I haven’t tried this sooner! Or mayhaps I have and I have forgotten; I go through my phases of what tea I prefer at the time.

Twister, it was because I had issues with SHiFT to begin with. Once that was sorted with Joe, I was away on my mini vacation and when I returned, the offline side of my life restricted the time online.

Plus I didn’t see the reintroduce thread, it was this thread and this thread only on the front page. If I had done…

Besides, and this is not me having a go at you personally, what’s the deal when it comes to “necroing” anyway? I see newcomers to the forums get slated when they bump a thread and last I checked, there’s nothing concrete in the rules about a timeframe, or what is allowed to be bumped and what isn’t.

Unless something has changed in that regard between then and now.

NGL, it is nice knowing that I was personally suggested. Cheers for the ego boost, Kitty!

I lack any reason to sort of experiment with tea myself (shame on me?).

Anyway, the term ‘necro’ applies when a thread that is older than let’s say gets a year gets bumped to the front page of the board. If it is on-topic it isn’t that big of a deal but most necro’s I have encounterd had nothing to do with the topic at hand.

Oh and the rare 5 year older necro is just ridiculous, on topic or not.

If it’s the generic milk and sugar tea, then I may add something different, such as replacing the sugar with honey which is one of the most delicious tastes in the history of ever. Any other tea I tend to leave as is.

I can understand completely if somebody bumps a thread that is years old, or if they are off-topic. It’s more how whenever a bump does happen, people are quick to tell them that’s disallowed, usually with sarcasm laced. Nine times out of ten the one doing the bumping is a newcomer and eight times out of ten they haven’t posted again. That is what gets me, truth be told, along with no set rules on what determines a necroed thread here on the Gearbox forums. Petty? I guess, but I’m such a stickler for basic manners in my “old” age.

Although I am still struggling to find this other thread Twister mentioned! Someone punt me in the right direction!

Ah that sucks to hear atleast youre here now.

As Ozzy said necro = reviving dead thread.
I didnt call this a necro as it was made during a time where there was no people on the forum except admins, mods and tester so it didnt really have a chance to live or die.

The reason why I recommended using the other thread was because its a bigger thread with about the same topic.

You two should make a tea thread…

Actually might not be a bad idea to make one. I’ll give proper credits if you want.

Do want you want, could be fun.
You could either do it for only tea or do something like what are you drinking today, idk.

As for credit I dont really care so do as you wish.
I would care if it was an original idea from me but cmon its tea, everyone knows and likes tea.

And it is done, huzzah!

I fully support Oz’s beverages thread.

Thanks for the link, Twister! Time to infect another thread with my love of tea.

Just me, same old Goober. :smiley:

-smokes- So I’m back. Only for certain friends though.

Was Patriot’s Anarchist on the old forums, now P_Anarchist thanks for fixing some ShIft email issues :slight_smile:

I like Pokemon, Borderlands (series), BlazBlue (series) and the Arkham Series a lot so if you want to chat about those feel free to pm me or something.