Lets not forget the little guys

In all this talk about skins and Platinum, Nerfs and buffs. We forgot the Little guys. Yes, the Thralls and Robots that have died by the thousands, if not millions daily. We the Battleborn get nifty new looks, but they are stuck are plain boring old them.

Lets CHANGE that… Lets give Geoff the look he always wanted, that of a spider, the Black Widow. Lets give the many thrall and robotic enemies some festive looks for the holidays. The Mx. Elite would look good in a santa suit, while the many blade and gun bots would be the elves. Maybe give the Thrall that just finished drinking look of Oktoberfest, and have them wear leiderhosen.

Lets not forget the little guys, that helped us get where we are. :smile:


Would warlord nix gun turn into an accordion?


I sense a forth of July possibility here.
Dress all the thralls up as redcoats, the bots as Hessian.
Montana could be Uncle Samontana.

Make Geoff into King George?