Lets petition for the original Revolvers

I’m sure most would agree that the hand guns in the original game were the best. I say we use a hashtag to try and get the developers to bring back those handguns in the next installment of Borderlands. Does anyone else feel the same way?



Revolvers? Sign me up.

Machine pistols? Oh yeah.

Repeaters? Ehhh…

Revolvers. (I’ll correct it) :relaxed:

Sign me up.



What about them isn’t present in BL2? Jakobs makes revolvers, no? Dahl makes repeaters, no? Vladof pistols are largely machine pistols? Are these not the same somehow (look or feel), or are you after them drawing from separate ammo pools or something along those lines?

In comparison, BL1’s pistols compared to BL2’s are a much more diverse and deep well of styles than what the sequel has to offer. I’m not sure if I want to demand BL1 style sidearms for any sequel, as I’d rather see what they move forward into(personally something more in-depth than BL2).

I dunno, comparing BL2 Jakobs revolvers to the six shooters of Dahl, Jakobs, Maliwan, Atlas, and Tediore is comparing apples to oranges. Same goes for BL1 repeaters to BL2 Dahl, and BL1 MPistols to BL2 Vladof.

To answer your question[quote=“Adabiviak, post:5, topic:1557533”]
What about them isn’t present in BL2?

BL2 Jakobs revolvers are all fast firing and non elemental. I don’t know if I can find much more else to say other than that. At base, that is what they are. That’s ignoring they’re a blast to play with any other subjective details, but that is what they are.

BL1 revolvers do have the standard recoil and handling differences you can expect out of any other class of weapon, but in addition to that they can be elemental, shotgun spread, or your wrist-snapping pocket sniper. I know that isn’t a LOT more bullet points on the side of the box, but their overall power and diversity allows those traits to stretch a long way.

Really, I think if there’s anything that people want it’s the true power of the BL1 style revolver. It feels good and looks cool. And works. Really really well.

For repeaters and machine pistols, I prefer having multiple manufacturers with their own characteristics and takes on each weapon class instead of having one manufacturer apply their entire aesthetic on an entire subclass.

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Yup, I love the ‘feel’ of revolvers in BL1, they feel more satisfying (for want of a better term) to use than the Jakobs revolvers in BL2/TPS. Been playing a fair bit of BL1 lately and I’d almost forgotten how fun gunslinger Mordy is to play.

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If I were to put it simply, BL1 revolvers are close cousins of sniper rifles, while BL2 revolvers are close cousins of automatics. The first emphasizes high damage, while the second emphasizes high fire rate.

Which BL2 revolvers seem like an automatic? Jakobs (definitely not), Maliwan (while they have automatic fire rate, their relatively low fire rates make them feel very revolver-ish to me, and this is where I get my elemental revolver fix when not using the Greed), Torgue (sure, but this is just one manufacturer, though I have a feeling that most players don’t venture far from the Unkempt Harold anyway).

Maliwan pistols feel the most like BL1 revolvers to me. I’m not sure how many people even use them outside of some red-texted exceptions. Ever light up a bandit with a purple Inflammatory Aegis? :fire:

Yes. Also their green and white rarity counter-parts (while levelling mostly). Maliwan pistols in BL2 have a satisfying snap and kick to them.

If you dislike the comparison fair enough, but I was referring strictly to the Jakobs (and specifically revolvers) there, since the change from high damage revolvers to high fire rate ones is basically the story of what’s missing in BL2. The way a high DPS and a high damage per shot weapon are used is different. One you want the most lead in the air possible, the other you’re more concerned with aiming for headshots. That said, I’d actually agree that some of the other weapons are closer than BL2’s revolvers are.

Regardless, putting it directly I’m after a high damage semi-auto category. Hand cannons in short.

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Thats a big yes from me, papa bear

I want the guns to be more like the first game’s in general, they all felt so right. Except for the Eridian ones, never liked those.