Lets play Handsome Collection on PS4

I want to start a new playthrough on the handsome collection with people who are willing to play until the end. I have a mic and my psn is BKNets56. so come add me if your interested.

Sounds good which one are you playing tps or b2

Both can you add me on PSN BKNets56

Can someone help me getting out of claptraps brain? I’m stuck in his brain and I need to complete the mission before I’m able to get out. I’ve been trying for so long now that I went from level 15 to level 17 in his brain and now you’re thinking; that’s only 2 levels, and that’s correct but I got that XP for killing level 30 enimies because for some reason I need to kill about 7 level 30 enimies with my level 10-15 weapons, by the time that I killed 2 the first one respawns and I can’t rush to the checkpoint because I need to jump alot and stuff… It takes them 2 shots to kill me and around 200-250 for me to kill them.

Please help
psn: lukaboy123