Let's Play Homeworld

Starting up a Let’s Play series of the Classic in preparation for Homeworld Remastered!!! Come join the fun and let’s RELIVE THE MEMORIES!!!

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Nice gameplay! Alas I suggest you to get either this patch:
(it’s compatible with original saves too)
or even the full Splendor mod:
(you would have to restart from zero, this one changes only a few things here and there)

This way you can play the games at the best possible settings: notice how the backgounds is quite striped (because of sofware rendering possibly?) yet with these mods it runs vastly sharper and smoother too.

Will to SAAA! Thanks for the suggestion and for the feedback! Stay tuned for moar! :wink:

For those of you who want info on the splendor mod in English, here’s a post about it on the old forum. I’ve been meaning to try it out myself… http://oldforums.gearboxsoftware.com/showthread.php?t=318180

Good luck with the lets play. Are you planning on doing any salvaging, or relying on your own fleet? :smile:

Splendor mod has English Readname file inside rar archive:)

I’ve just relied on my own fleet in the past…with the occasional salvage but I might try a mission doing just salvage for funsies!

Here’s episode 2!

Episode 3! We take revenge and head to a nearby asteroid field to prepare for retaliation! (In case you forgot the story ;))

How could we? That music, it’s just too powerful… oh btw thnks for the mention in the vid! XD

Thanks for the suggestion! It’s like night and day in comparison! You deserved the shoutout and anyway I wanna get my viewers involved as much as possible!! It’s because of you guys that I’m able to do this!

Back to the Great Wasteland! And a little bit more treasure!

First episode of the REMASTERED series!!! more to come! I recorded this on Wednesday (day of the release) but forgot to post to the forums :wink: Hope you guys enjoy!

Missions 2 and 3 of the Remastered Let’s Play

We meet one of my greatest friends in this episode. Ben Toosi!!! :wink:

Episodes 5, 6, and 7! LOVING THIS GAME SOOOOOOO MUCH!!! Enjoy!

Episodes 8, 9, 10 and 11!!!

Episode 12 comes with ambushes and defectrs!!!

Episode 13 where we visit the ship graveyard

And 14 where we…well Sigh :wink:

Episode 15 will have the last two missions and will be released later today!

The last episode of the series where we do the last two missions in one episode! Enjoy!