Let's Play of the Story on my Channel. Other Videos coming

Hey everyone,

I played through the whole story on my own and thought, I may as well record and upload it.
The first episode (Prologue) is up now and can be watched on my channel. So should you be interested in watching that or know someone who may or may not be interested in that part of the game and you want to show them some footage, maybe that’s the place to go. (There is also other content on my channel, but this is not the place to talk about that)

Episode 1 - The Prologue

I also recorded a quick info video, since it is not 100% obvious, how to reconnect to a game after you disconnected.
How to reconnect to a game

Construcitive feedback is much appreciated.

I hope, it is okay if I just use my own thread and somewhat double post here… if not, I’d appreciate a note from a Moderator.

The next part - Mission 1 - is up!

Still going, almost a week after the first video, Mission 4 - The Archive is now up.

So close to beating Rendain… unfortunately with some issues on the way, with

Episode 7 - The Saboteur (Take 1)

No Episodes over the holidays… 2 more to go to finish this Playthrough of the story, before I will get to more ‘interesting’ content for Battleborn :wink:

The (for now) last episode is finally up… Mission 8 - The Heliophage