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Just a topic to talk about the Let’s play videos of Attikus (And Ghalt, which is unlisted right now) from the Battleborn Youtube Channel.
If you don’t know what i’m talking about, here is Attikus let’s play:

So, beside the characters, we can see some new UI, new maps, and a few changes on the Meltdown map we played during the CTT (On the Ghalt Let’s play which should be "officially"out soon.)

For the Attikus let’s play video, there is one thing that i noticed:
Normally, his horns go from the sides of his head and slightly under his chin. But in First Person View, we see them on top of the screen… So, Attikus is the first character in Video game history who is in First Nipples View (New term, right there)

Also: GBX is just teasing us with 10 to 20 minutes videos now.


I like the new UI changes, specifically the in-game Gear Box. It used to be always present at the bottom of the screen, and now occupies a small corner in the HUD. Less screen clutter. I also love the new visuals for the gear, it looks very sharp! Another quality-of-life change I noticed is the holographic “belt” around buildables telling the player how much the next upgrade costs without having to walk right up to it (or maybe that was in the CTT and I forgot).

Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the shading has been greatly improved since the CTT. The game looks beautiful. Towards the end of the Attikus video there is a massive team fight with visual effects going off left and right, and the framerate doesn’t noticeably dip.

In the Ghalt video I noticed that the healing station was removed from the middle of the map and 2 more were added in front of either team’s base. This one change seems to have dramatically impacted where the intense fighting takes place. It also gives the losing team a little pushback to help negate the “snowball effect,” which was prominently talked about during the CTT.

It seems a number of character abilities have been revisited as well. In the Ghalt video you can see how Ambra’s sun spots have a much larger AOE and deal continual damage to anyone close by as well as exploding when touched. Benedict’s glide mechanic seems to have been altered a bit, allowing him to hover in place and strafe. I can’t wait for the beta so I can play with these changes in-person.

The downside to these videos is that there are only 2! I’m sure we’ll get gameplay videos for Deande, Toby, and Galilea, but I say why stop there? Show us beta footage of Phoebe, Oscar Mike, Miko, Caldarius, Orendi, and all the others.

TL;DR - I like it, I love it, I want some more of it.


Posted this video in Attikus discussion forum yesterday, so for a deeper discussion on Attikus himself we could use that thread.

UI did get some changes. with capture you previously had red vs green and you where always geen and the enemy was always red. no matter which side you where. Now we clearly see a green team and a orange team.

Gear has changed, buildables show more info.

Yeah you could see some changes to the map Paradise (meltdown map) during earlier videos. But in case for the people who didn’t spot it. Heal stations moved away from the center of the map, to just in front of the BIG Minion spawn location. The laser Turret near the second minion grinder has been replaced with a RPG that deals more damage, making it harder if you passed the have way point. This the team that has fallen behind can easier recover from their set back.

Mellka is using her skill very effective in the Ghalt video. She uses her skills to get around the map, now she can easily reach the high points that were “exclusive” to benedict.

So 2K & GBX are working on Highlight videos, skill videos and let’s plays for all the heroes. So we can expect 75 videos !!! and that’s doesn’t include high-end trailers like a launch trailer for example. THATS :EEEEK:

Yeah, and i’m not too sure about this change. And i wonder why they did it too.

The only thing i could think is eSports. This makes the two teams unique or els the crowed doesn’t know who is who. The color orange could be for colorblind people as they cant see the difference between green and red (or something like that, not sure how that really works).

I’d expect a specific colour with Spectator mode, not regular play.
Like in Dota (As an example) where the Dire side is always red, and the Radiant always green. But only as a spectator (Else: Your team is Green, the enemy is red)

That’s one thing i’m wondering actually… If/how they’ll put Spectator mode, and Replay mode in the game (Which is clearly needed for eSports)

The colors for allies and enemies can be changed
I recall changing my ally colors to blue and leaving enemies as red in the CTT


There have been a lot of changes. Recently got some footage of all battleborn helices, i noticed some differences so i made a change log. Comparing the new skill trees with the old ones that were during the CTT and are still on the official site. Already added all these changes to the character profiles on my site. While i was busy i also made a list with all the status effects and the corrusponding skills. I linked these to the hero’s helix and vise versa. BTW. i noticed during the Ghalt Let’s Play that the Blind Effect has also changed. It now has flare effects on screen, i captured it and i’ll be adding it soon to my site.

YES Ambra got a lot of rework on her Helix

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Yeah, I used blue/red in the CTT instead of the default green/red because my SO is greed/red colorblind. IIRC the color options are red, orange, green, blue, purple, and pink.