Lets raid the hammock lock,tiny tina, Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty, dlc

hey its kidsmurf here and i went a team to do the raid bosses with

one Siren
one commando
and one can be any class anything can be useful

Add KID_smurf14

Me and k-dog r gonna play you can join use bit were both commandos op8

I can play anything so i’ll fill

I can play sal/Maya/Acton witch ever is needed.

I could play if that’s cool, I have an OP8 Gunzerker… CAPN_DUKE420

Ok lets play

Sorry I was bust today.

I’m willing to play but your always party is full


Ok tomorrow tank,me,Pie, and someone who went to do this we do the party at 4:00 cst wisconsin so find what time and be ready because we are doing it on op 8

Me, u, tank, and k dog. Hopefully me and k dog don’t lag out.

Ok @Piemanlee

sorry I will be out of town but back wednesday night to play, hit me up anytime you see me on for raids or missions quests. I’m always down for a full party.

I’m still up for later. I guess me, u, tank

I don’t have a good mic so I’m not gonna play. Unless you are cool with using the ps3 text chat room.

i have a mic so yeah but really don’t use it that often

If we play with him are u ok with using the chat room.

yeah man that is no problem with me just idk about him

He never accepted my fr.

lol he has me as a friend