Let's see your wall display

Here is my current display

Someone likes moxxi

i don’t blame you though if you catch my drift

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My walls are all loaded with a nice alien barrel version of gear made by that character’s manufacturer rep. Torgue, for example, shown here, doesn’t have anything in the SMG or sniper slot because Torgue doesn’t make those, but this is otherwise her, “skin condition” wall (Lump, Blister, Carbuncle, and Protuberance). I don’t use these (I have on-level versions in the bank that I use)… I just like the way the alien barrel gear looks, so that goes on the wall.

The shield/grenade/relic section has random stuff (some low-level things that I want to keep, but not use unless I start a new character, so they don’t take up space in my bank). All nine of my characters’ walls are set up like this.

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