Let's share annoying tactics to use in PvP

Not sure if you fellow Reyna players know this or not, but if you take the Waste Reduction as your first helix choice the homing on it is nuts. I can usually mark targets in a crowd easily if you aim slightly above their head. The shot will curve down and hit them. Not only is this useful for hitting enemies who are grouped up with minions but also useful for getting up and over Isic’s pesky wards. Just thought I’d share the love.

Yea, but overshield shield regen buff is a lot more useful to your team than ease of use with your priority target imo, especially since it still functions the same when it hits someone.

I feel all ease of use helix options are more for newer players who don’t really have the hang of a characters abilities. They don’t really serve much of a purpose for someone who’s familiar and comfortable with the character, especially since the opposite option is much more practically useful.

Though homing plasma pistol is epic.

Not only is Reyna’s Priority Plasma great against ISIC, but her ult has the potential to demolish him. I’m pretty sure the knockback if he’s close cancels his ult and nullifies his dps in there, but even if he’s far, all of his attacks are projectiles (and I believe it even blocks reflected attacks off of his wards.)

Also, it’s really funny to wait until a teammate is just about to die before shielding them.

I have it’s not often that a Reyna gives me problems when im Isic :smile: If you cancle my ult I reflect the priority target and then stun you. As he says

“81.7% of all my enemies die in burning agony :D”
Totally didn’t steal it (sorry)