Let's share some infos on a sniper Wilhelm

Since I love to play my Wilhelm with sniper rifles and railgun lasers I’d love to hear your thoughts on that take. Which gear do you use? How does your skill build look like? Why have you chosen skill X over skilly Y?

My build looks like this: http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/550211110515005110100055501311001

The Gear:

  • Chronicler of Elpis class mod
  • 3DD1.E Oz-Kit
  • Adaptive Shield/Reogenator or Prismatic Bulwark (depending on how often I use my railgun lasers)
  • Storm Front (to strip shields before start shooting) or a cryo grenade (to freeze an enemy to get an easy first crit; especially useful with the Wet Week sniper rifle which suffers from a reduced projectile velocity like the Sloth in BL2)

The Sniper Rifles:

  • Maliwan Snider: extremely powerful sniper with additional unlisted splash damage and low ROF, high ammo efficiency
  • Dahl Sniper: most of the time the first round freezes the enemy and the other projectiles of a burst finish an enemy off with increased crit damage, fast and simple to handle due to extremely low recoil, low ammo efficiency
  • Vladof Droog: when I feel like “spray and pray”, more of a mid-range weapon or an assault rifle substitute (fired from the hip), high recoil, low ammo efficiency
  • Dahl PItchfork: the boss killer, for targets with big crit spots, melts tough targets with ease, low-high ammo efficiency (depending on how much of the projectiles hit a crit spot)

The Railgun Lasers:

  • Hyperion Excalibastard
  • Maliwan Blaster: when I encounter shielded badasses and cryo immune enemies

Wilhelm is a very effective sniper, and the play-style synergizes well with Wolf.

I agree the Elpis mod is the most effective for a sniper build and I use one that is very similar to yours, and the main sniper is a Cryo Maliwan Corinthian. A good sidearm is a Cryo Gwen’s Other Head, because of the big crit multiplier.

The other build I also use with a sniper that’s a lot of fun takes a very different approach --> here It uses the Scorcher Com and relies on incendiary damage and fire rate buffs. This - combined with an incendiary Droog - allows you to rain down a hail of fiery sniper-machine gun rounds. It’s a lot more hectic approach favoring a closer play style, with regular rounds of your Vengenace Cannon unleashing, which lends itself more to a less precise “shoot everywhere” approach. The biggest problem with this is that you tend to run out of ammunition, even with Overcharge. So I use Ol Painful when up close.

I tried sometthing like that for a while. With a scorcher and oxidizer it was ok, but it was a pain in the ammo funds.

Also, its cool to see someone else using Gwen’s Other Head. Thats becoming one of my main weapons on Willy, almost equal to the Frigdia IMO.

As for the sniper build, I’ve always prefered the Howitzer. I’d rather have base damage increases that crit. I go with this http://thepresequel.com/Wilhelm/450313000400555000000055550010001/bomhowitzer,auto

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Have you thought about using a systems purge and an amp shield in addition for a combined first round wallop

If those items aren’t available, don’t discuss them, please.

Sorry, I thought it would be ok since they were discussed in the old forums several times (checked before posting it). But I’ve removed that part now. Sorry again.

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Thankyou. Much appreciated.

I did, but I don’t like to use it in a vacuum and I hate to switch gear while playing. The Support Relay would be the alternative to 3DD1.3, especially when I don’t use lasers. Have tried it once in coop with three friends who sported a Support Relay, too. Holy ****, that was fun. :smile:

Holy Moly!

Support Relay X 4 would be what…a 75% increased in Oz Capacity!

Thus about a constant 50% pure gun damage bonus in Atmosphere

And the negatives in vacuum are not that bad.

I had not even thought of this!

Thank You!!

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Truth be told, I always felt Wilhelm makes an excellent sniper. If you hang back with a strong sniper rifle and keep pointing out targets for Wolf, you can clear areas with ease, and if you got Cold War slotted, a toxic rifle will mean freezy goodness. But as for my assessment, I’d say: Specc into making Wolf strong and fast, Cold War is a must, as is the targeting laser, and of course, any passives to knock off downtime between the recharge - but you can specc into buffed shields between the downtime if you want.

As for class mods, anything that makes Wolf stronger, really, as he’s your hunter laying your prey low while you support him from afar. Rolling Thunder is an almost neccessary investment here - you are going to have Wolf out a lot, and he gets stronger all the time. And if you do get hurt, Saint can save you.

I don’t know if true, but somewhere I remember reading that there is a hidden cap on the amount of damage bonus from oz kits like the Support Relay. Maybe 20%? Hopefully, someone can confirm one way or the other. If not, I’ll try to test that later and report back.

Edit: Tested a Tranquility kit that was 191 capacity and 0.16% gun damage per O2. That equals about 30% when full. And that matched the damage bonus I received. So, if there is a hidden cap, I don’t know what it is.

With a team of four equipped with arctic relay it should be around 45% gun damage boost to all players as long as you are in atmosphere.

If my math is any good.

I think the Haymaker adaptive shield is excellent on Willhelm especially with his extended range cyber punch, If you were to go with the adaptive route of course, It also has the highest shield of the adaptive shields so Divert Power synergy.


I think you mean higher health and not shield capacity. If I remember right a purple adaptive still had a higher cap.


Yeah my bad, i meant effective health because at 60 it’s something like 4-5k more health for being like 2k lower in shield,

Didn’t mean to necro this thread. But Level 70 Sniper Wilhelm looks like it’s gonna be amazing