Lets Slass! Quest Bug

I’m stuck on the We Slass! quest after finding all the flowers the Follow Eika section is bugged. He’s standing in front of the arena entrance and won’t go in and resetting and closing the game doesn’t seem to move him at all. I approach him and he just stands there. I can jump down into the arena and get stuck because theres no way out.


Same issue on Xbox here. He is just standing there and won’t move. Can’t abandon the quest or do anything…

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Same here, on Xbox one. Eista is frozen in place, quest won’t advance

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Same here, PC Epic version. Any fixes?

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Same… I have been looking for any help and haven’t found it…

Where do I submit an official bug??


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Same here, im on PC, Epic too…

Same, PC, Steam, 4/9/20 Hotfixes applied.

Same for me too. Not sure if its because I’m on mayhem 2.0. But he won’t move

I’ve done every single available mission and this is the last one available, but Eista still isn’t moving. I tried changing mayhem levels and joining public matches. Nobody on public matches seem to be doing this one for several days now. Is the only solution to reset all missions?

Same here for me and my brother, playing on PS4. Please Fix it