Let's take a look back at the history of nerf

9/19 E-Tech SG elemental dmg/Torgue SG sticky dmg nerf
9/26 Porcelain Pipe Bomb Nerf
9/27 King’s Call & Queen’s Cal Nerf
10/3 First character nerfs run, targets FL4K+Moze
During this period, anointing wasn’t common, and Amara’s broken performance was never talked about.
If it had, we would have been nerfed with them.
10/17 A day to remember as Nerflands
Cutsman/Lucian’s Cal/Lyuda/Flakker/Laser-Sploder/Crossroad/The Butche/Hex/Firestorm Nerf
12/06 Change of policy as opposition to Nerf grows
That made Spiritual Driver’s nerfing lax.
As it turns out, only Amara avoided a fatal wound.
Only Moze and Fl4K were mortally wounded.
Zane wasn’t born yet, waiting for the DLC to hatch.
01/17 Ion Cannon First big nerf since 10/17
It’s become a piece of trash that no one uses.
03/28 Soulrender Nerve
04/24 Mayhem 2.0 implemented Almost all weapons are relative nerfs
06/12 10/17 nightmare again
Sand Hawk/Yellowcake/Kaoson nerf

The 06/12 nerf has been sufficiently discussed that I won’t mention it here.
The question now is the need for nerfs before that.
For example, let’s pretend that these nerfs never happened.
Would you use The Butche or Crossroad instead of OPQ or Monarch?


really, it got nerfed?
it annoyed me so much that this weapons killed everything 10 times faster than my perfect fitting and rolled build guns just because it was a stupid no brainer xD
thank you GBX XD

Why bring up painful memories? I’d managed to suppress my anguish about the ion cannon! F##@!

Cutman’s damage is actually down 25%.
It’s also mentioned in the patch notes
Are you someone who lives in a country where 25% down is not included in the nerf?

i made a pause from the game
part of the reason was the cutsman
i simply didnt read patchnotes for a while


me likes the spanking :v

I’m sorry.
But the time has come to rediscover the pain.
We can’t forget about Ion Cannon.
We shouldn’t allow such poor nerfing.

nerfs are just as necessary as buffs it all boils down to how guns perform relative to game difficulty. some people want to buff everything to match monarch and OPQ and sandhawk.

i am more of a downscale guy, let’s go to vanilla lets meet the butchers and lyudas and maggies, that was a decent base line. Bringing guns to middle ground is always better than buffing everything or nerfing everything. But when i say downscale people think of it as oh guns get worse and nothing will help with enemies, well WTF downscaling means bringing down enemies to HP values that makes sense for the base line you have created.

i rather never understood how some people think that it is easier to make every gun match performance of recursion or monarch then bringing down these select few items to power level of their peers and simply adjusting enemy health values on grand scale of things.


its because the N-word triggers them too much

Gbox silently nerfed melee amara sometime in september (or october) and no one is talking about it.

Melee damage is higher offline versus with hotfix on at that time.

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I believe nerfs are necessary.
but nerfs that take away from the feel and the personality of the gun itself are unacceptable.
You’ll remember that the ion cannon was turned into garbage that no one would use due to the nerf.
And then there’s the fact that the yellow cake was implemented to outperform the ion cannon.
What was the nerf for? You can’t let them think that.
I think you’ll find that the nerfs up to Mayhem 2.0 didn’t mean anything.

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They are nerfing previous weapons to make sure the new content weapons are the new meta. When they release new content, then the previous meta weapons are nerfed to NYC and back. I am starting to see the cycle.


Definitely a meta weapon will be implemented in DLC 3.
But it’s also true that DLC without a meta weapon is tasteless

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My favorite is when they nerfed the gun that was making fun of nerfs.

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