Let's take a moment and discuss cc type effects

I wanted to see what people think of the direction the game has been going with there tweaking of characters stuns, slow, quick melee and basically any other form of cc(silence, pulls, and all that stuff)

I personally don’t like the drop of efficacy of most of the stuns and slows

Well in my opinion the thing that annoys me about stuns is that most characters when stunned practically present their crit spots so a lot of times stuns are almost assured doom against high damage characters

That’s a pretty solid point. Miko practically does because of that reason. Though Oscar Mike doesn’t seem to stun in the same way as as Miko. Additionally I will say as a melee character landing a stun on Montana means I CAN actually crit him which I think is fair persobally

I’m okay with it.

You can jump, you know.

So you’d like to see Ghalt return to pull stunning people into certain death? I’m game :slight_smile:

Can we have ISIC’s 2 sec dash stun and aoe back too?

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So we’re just listing wistful ideas until a mod closes this thread hunh?


I wanna see Galilea be able to sprint and attack again.

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